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Can't believe this has happened to me

I struggled with unexplained infertility for three years. You can't imagine the frustration I felt when all the infertility diagnosis showed both me and hubby looked good on paper and still i am unable to see my elusive BFP. Eventhough it is not right, I just couldn't control my emotions when I used to hear people say they got pregnant first time super easily. I used to feel guilt, jealous and sometimes I used to wonder if they are lying to make themselves look super fertile or not being very open about the TTC months. Trying to conceive was the hardest journey in my life, yet it was so easy for some people. Finally we thought enough is enough and moved to IVF. Moving to IVF was a big decision to me because I was worried of side effects from the medication and will I be able to accept a failed IVF. I feel so blessed to have successful IVF first time and have a little boy of 13 months old. We also have three frozen embryos. There has been many occasions during my infertility journey where I thought 'wish I knew the exact thing that is stopping me from getting pregnant'. After my successful IVF, eventhough it doesn't matter what stopped me getting pregnant earlier, it still made me wonder why I had to suffer infertility for three long years. I still used to have a minuscule jealousy when people said they got pregnant first time and kept telling myself it doesn't matter if you have a baby in your arms. After our little boy's first birthday we thought we will NTNP clearly thinking we might struggle to conceive again and opting for our frozen embryos transfer. I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my BFP just after one cycle of NTNP. How did it happen so easily this time and so difficult last time? I will never know what went wrong in those three years of infertility. But, i am glad I won't feel jealous when someone says they got pregnant first time because my little baby 2 made my dream come true. Miracles do happen!!

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Yayyyy!!! Isn't it crazy how things just work out like that sometimes?

Congrats on your second little miracle!!

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Congrats! That's so exciting!

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