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After 12 years...

I got marreid in 2005 and right away we knew there would likely be fertility issues. So we never did prevent a pregnancy. We just dtd as often as newlyweds and figured when it happened it happened. Well in 2008 we decided it was time to look a little further. I was formally diagnosed with PCOS. (I had suspected since I was a teen this was my issue as I have nearly every symptom.) No big deal we would just start clomid. Well my husband soon lost his job and our finances and marriage were not doing well. So ttc got put on hold, all the while we still did not prevent.

Fast forward a couple years and we got more serious about it again. I went to the doctor in 2012 and she was just horrible. I am overweight and she told me she would not help until my BMI was xx (I cannot remember now). She also required my husband to get a SA and that is when we found out his motility is low. At that point she refused to even help at all even if my BMI was lower due to DH's SA. So I just kinda let that eat at me and decided now was not the time to pursue treatment.

Fast forward another year and I met an amazing doctor. She was so sweet and helpful. At that point I did my first round of 50 mg clomid. At the same time my husband was working full time and going to school full time and consuming 2 cans of monsters a day. I believe it is those two things that lead to my first ever bfp. After 9 years of marriage in July 2014 we had our first child. A little boy we named Christian. He is now 3 years old and just a delight.

When he was 4 months old we went back to ntnp. Part of me really hoped it would happen naturally as you hear that so often happens after having a baby. So time ticked on and a year came and passed.. It was at this point I went to a new doctor (we moved) and he started me on clomid right away. Amazingly I got pregnant that first round again!! Imagine our delight. But that ended in a m/c. So we waited two months and tried again and got pregnant a second time!! Which also ended in a m/c. We did 3 more rounds of clomid with progesterone and then 3 rounds of femara with progesterone. I ovulated fine but we just couldn't get pregnant.

So as another year came and went we started talking about being happy with our son and moving on with our lives. We cannot afford fertility treatments and felt this might be the best way to heal. In May 2017 I found myself ovulating and of course we dtd and thought little about it. (I mean come on we have had perfect timing time and time again with nothing). But to our surprise I got my bfp on a natural cycle in early June.

Today I am 17 weeks pregnant with our second bug. I still think I am a bit in shock but I am definitely getting more and more excited as time passes.

Infertility hurts and has been one of the worst experiences of my life. I look forward to the birth of my last child and finally moving forward from ttc, hpts, and the failures. I look forward to raising my two miracles and praising God everyday that he gave them to us.

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Congratulations on the BFP and your expected LO! I just wanted to say how awful it is that your first doctor refused to help you unless you lost weight. I read an informational page about how to choose your RE and they advised that if the MD refuses to help until you reach a certain BMI, they are just wrong. I'm so glad your new RE (both of them) were more helpful and compassionate, even if you didn't get the results you hoped for. Go figure... the natural way won out in the end! Good luck to you and a happy & healthy remainder of the 9 months!

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Congratulations! And a happy and healthy 9 months

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