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Pregnant (Expecting)
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5 years TTC - 1st IVF worked!

I promised to myself that if i ever get pregnant, I would write on the forum as the success stories were always inspiration for me in times of despair over infertility.
Our story: We started on/off (NTNP) in 2012 (I was 30). Since early 2014 we had multiple visits to different doctors, 3 IUIs, clomid/injections stimulation, acupuncture and nothing ever worked. All mine and my husband's tests were always ok, we were diagnosed as unexplained. Finally, this summer we decided to try IVF. At the initial visit doctor noticed cyst on my ovary and said probably I have endomtriosis, which could be potential reason why I did not get pregnant (no doctor before wanted to try laparoscopy as I had no symptoms of endometriosis). I started stimulation end of August and responded poorly, only 5 eggs on one ovary, the one with the cyst did not respond at all! I was sure, it is lost cycle and we have to do it again and I will never ever be pregnant. But...out of 5 eggs retrieved, 4 fertilized, but again, only 1 made it to day 5. It was enough! Today I got my official beta results that I am pregnant (I got a faint BFP at 5dp5dt)! So it only takes one! I hope it gives hope to ladies that struggle with long TTC! It's still long way to go for me, but I am happy I could see the first positive BFP in my life! Wish you all the best!

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Thanks so much for sharing Kass and huge congrats on your BFP!
Infertility is a really devastating, heart wrenching journey. Like you, I always get courage from other people's success story.
Wishing you a very healthy and happy 9 months xxx

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