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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Has anyone successfully gotten pregnant with a 2 day AF?

Hey everybody,

This month marked 1 year TTC (most months). We didn’t track ovulation until 2 months ago when I bought the CBFM. We tracked O for 2 months with no luck, so now I’m adding temping. I’m about at my wits end!

So my real question is related to this:
I went off of the Nuvaring 18 months ago. At first my cycles were a bit irregular, but after 6 months they evened out and come every 29-32 days. The one concerning thing that has remained constant, is that my AF is super short—like one day med-heavy, one day light, and a third day of just spotting. Before birth control, my AF was heavy, painful, and lasted 5-6 days. I can’t help but worry that this change is a sign that my fertility has been affected by long term BC use. I drank RRL tea last month and noticed that I had a heavier flow on day 1, but AF still only lasted two days.

Has anybody experienced something similar? What was the result? Were You able to get pregnant or was intervention required?

I’m making a doc appointment soon—when I’ve mentioned this issue in the past, she’s been pretty dismissive and claims that as long as I’m having a period, everything is normal.

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