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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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DE IVF success

Hi! Came across this very board and thought I could join with my story. It's long, but I'll try to cut it brief. We started ttc since June 2012 with no further luck. I'm a teacher, all my life working with and being surrounded by kids though had never had a kid of my own - until the end of infertility journey. Coming back, after months of trying we passed one round clomid - got bfn. The next - one fresh ivf with 5-day 2 embies resulting in early miscarriage. I gave myself time to heal emotionally though trying naturally. 2015 - biopsy results diagnosed severe endo. Later adding PCOS. Dh's results came in healthy. Another fresh ivf with own egg brought failure. I was out of breath because of toughness I'd never experience pregnancy. That was disaster for both. No strength to fight further. No hope for good luck. Nothing except a heartbreak. We thought we would give a try to our first and LAST ivf shot with donor eggs in Ukrainian clinic. And it it didn't work we'd give up treatments. I believe God blessed us for all our waiting and struggling and suffering. We achieved pregnancy with our first transferred. Got bfp on day 8 after ET, quite soon, but these were the symptoms I had never experienced before. So knew somewhere inside me it was going to be our rainbow. And it was. After 9 months we were nursing our adorable boy. I thought I could write the story shot - but failed. Sorry, ladies Going through infertility path is thremendously difficult and challenging. But after you've been through all its scars, with your tiny miracle in your hands - you don't believe you said once "I'm about to give up.." All ladies struggling, may God bring your tiny little ones to your lives soon! Wish you all the best in the world!

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