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He discovered more of his parts *

Leo: (Gesturing to his testicles) This?
Me: Those are your testicles.
Leo: (Happy/Cheery tone and gesturing with both hands) Two testicles!
me: Yes, you have two testicles.
(I start putting his diaper on)
Leo in same cute little happy/cheery tone: Bye bye testicles!

(note: Leo is difficult to understand, so this is more of a translation than a direct quote... the meaning was there, just not the enunciation!)

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Haha bless him .... bye bye

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That's so cute!!

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Cute! My oldest had to have a few check-ups for a testicle with a tight muscle so would sometimes seem retracted. Because of this, he's been checking his testicles himself since he was about 3 and even at 5 now he'll check and randomly will yet out from wherever he is "I have two testicles today". I laugh every time!

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Originally Posted by SarahBear View Post
Leo in same cute little happy/cheery tone: Bye bye testicles!
Made me chuckle but how cute!!

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