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Please read - Support for young moms

Hi girls, I am trying to start a thread where information on:

- government grants
- parenting classes
- parenting programs
- housing for young mothers
- financial aid
- food stamps, milk tokens, etc.
- tax benefits/credits and supplements
- other resources

... that are available to pregnant teenagers/teenage mothers. Please help me- and the other ladies on the forum- by sharing what you know. I'd like to arrange this by location if possible.

What I know of:

  • UCCB (Universal Child Care Benefit): $100 per month for parents with children under the age of 6.
  • CCTB (Canada Child Tax Benefit): also known commonly as baby bonus or mother's allowance. Your eligibility is based on your income for the previous tax year.
  • Link to the Canada Child Benefits Application
  • Canada Learning Bond: $500 upon starting up your child's RESP. $100 for each qualifying year after that, to a maximum value of $2,000. You qualify for this if you receive the CCTB.
  • Canada Education Savings Grant: On the first $500 you save per year in your child's RESP, the Canadian government will offer you up to $200 based on your level of income. No matter how much you make, you will receive at least $100 annually (everyone who makes over $77,664 gets this amount!) The potential value of this grant is up to $7,200.
  • LEAP Program: Learning Earning and Parenting program, available to parents under the age of 25 who have not completed their grade 12 diploma. Can help you pay for baby items, childcare, finish your high school diploma, find a co-op placement, prepare for the workplace, and then pursue post-secondary education! You should google your specific city to find the best information for you, the link I've provided is just general information about the program really.
  • Ontario Early Years Centers: participate in programs/activities, ask questions about services and programs available for young children & families, talk to professionals/caregivers/parents from the community. Designed for children up to age 6. Services are FREE.
  • Healthy Babies, Healthy Children: a public health nurse will come visit your home within the first week typically of your child's birth. The nurse will speak to you, see how you and baby are doing, offer information on resources available to you (breastfeeding support, parenting programs). You can request further visits from a public health nurse if you wish. You should google your specific city to find the best information for you,
  • Ontario Child Care Supplement for Working Families: if your income falls in the program's limits and you receive the CCTB, and have children under the age of 7 that you are not receiving fully subsidized childcare for, you may be eligible for a monthly payment from this program.
  • Ontario Works: social assistance. Will provide you with money for things such as housing, food, and help you to find a job. There is an estimator on the site where you can enter your specific information to see if you qualify. Also, on Ontario Works, you can receive medical benefits, like eyeglasses, prescriptions, etc. for free.
  • Subsidized Housing Information: this site offers information on where to apply based on your location. You can also find information on women's shelters here.
  • Another good place to find information is to google your city's name and Public Health Department... they have LOTS of programs/information. Parenting/birthing classes etc!

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Id love to know all about the stuff in the UK If anyone can update this thread with the info. Thanks xx

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wow you guys have a lot better stuff then the US...

US Benefits for families-

Temporary Aid For Needy Families-
A state/government run program for extremely low income families. There is also special circumstances such as when the child is not with biological parents
or for single parents. In these cases your normally allowed a higher income bracket. You get a certain amount of money that you can spend on
pretty much anything... excluding alcohol or tobacco. You will also qualify for medicaid no matter what your age (state health insurance) and food stamps.
You will have to go to a local state office to apply. Check onlice to seewhat you would need to bring with you. Such as proof of US citizenship,
income, residence and identity.

Food Stamps:
This is available to anyone know matter what your household size is as long as you fit in the income requirements. This can only be used to
buy food that you will prepare at home. You can not buy household products or even products to prepare the food it is for FOOD only. Already
prepared food, alcohol, tobacco, and some cooled drinks (energy drinks) are not allowed to be purchased with the money. Depending on your income
will let you know how much you make. There is an online tool to use that will give you an estimate but you will still need to go to your state office to apply.

WIC (woman infants and children)-
This program allows you to make the highest amount of money. Women qualify while they are pregnant and for 6 months post-partum possibly more if
you breastfeed as they are not having to pay for formula. Your kids will qualify till they turn 5. While you are pregnant and after your child turns one
you will be eligible to recieve milk eggs cheese juice and peanut butter. How much you get depends on household size. Infants up to age one if not
breastfeeding qualify for formula. If you are breastfeeding you qualify for a free breast pumps breast pumps differ by county in each state. Some get really
nice high end ones that they get to keep some get really nice hospital grade ones that they are required to return others only will get manual ones.
Breastfeeding moms are also eligible for tuna fish and i think either carrots or peas depending on there vitamin levels. You will have to contact your
local WIC office to figure out how to apply.

Medicaid for Pregnant women-
This can be called something different in every state but in general it is all the same. You qualify for medicaid if you are pregnant and have no insurance
or have insurance are low income and your health insurance does not cover all of your pregnancy.

Medicaid for Children-
Almost all children qualify for some type of medicaid if they have no other insurance. You have to apply through your state department of health and human
and they will tell you if you qualify or not. There is a level for free and then there are other levels you have to pay for but its much cheaper then other insurances.

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Thanks for contributing!!

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UK wise
There is more but I will get back on it tomorrow

Healthy start vouchers, help with milk, fruit, veg and vitamins for low income and pregnant under 18's

HIP grant at 25 weeks, applies to everyone.

Sure Start Grant, applies from 29 weeks. For those on certain benefits (a lot of teenage mums will qualify)

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apply for child tax credits as well...

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Another thing that may help down the line in the US is when you apply for federal financial aid for college, you will have a dependent. Usually, when you apply you have to use your parent's income (until you're 25 or something like that) but when you have a dependent, it only goes off of your income and therefore you will end up getting more financial aid.

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Thanks for that info about the financial aid thing I did not know that. Will help so much when I go apply for school this year.

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The same thing applies in the UK too, when you go to university they deduct so much off your household income for each dependant that you have in order to allow for that additional expense.

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UK: child benefit 20 a week

i get income support because im in education and get 50.95 a week as well as tax credits.

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