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Can I be pregnant?

I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time on the 14 of December. He had a condom on and after 10 minutes of trying to actually get it in, he came right away(while i was still on top of him, with the condom on). After that we went to bed and decided to try another day. We tried again on New Years Eve, we had a condom on this time also. Before he came, he also pulled out (with the condom still on). I was supposed to get my period on the 3rd and it is now the 7th. I get little to no cramps (probably one MILD cramp every 2-3 hours). Plus, my boobs are usually sore before my period comes and they are not. I'm also on winter vacation and i haven't been around girls as much and i haven't been exercising (appose to going to gym every other day)
thank you.

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You used a condom both times and it did not break or come off? also you said that he pulled out the second time while wearing a condom? You are going to be perfectly fine. You are probably late because you are stressing, not because you are pregnant. Your BF would have to have magical super sperm to get your egg through a condom and pull out.

Hey just a heads up your thread will be locked.

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