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Getting stomach cramps during sex something to be worried about or not ?

So baby's dad came over the other night and one thing led to another and we had sex I was getting stomach cramps while we were doing the deed so we would stop for a bit till they went away and keep returning to enjoying the night , is that something to be worried about I didn't bleed or anything after we had sex nothing seemed to be wrong and baby's has been fine ever since he still kicks me like crazy every day , was just wondering if this is something to be worried about or not have any of you ladies experienced this ?

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Completely normal!!!

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Totally normal I'm guessing.
That happens only when I'm on top tho. May just be a little workout for out tight uterus muscle!

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Sounds ok so long as baby is still active and you aren't bleeding, don't worry.

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Very normal!

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sounds normal. As long as the cramps go away and don't come back and there is no bleeding.

The only time I would say you should probably stop is if you were getting this in early pregnancy, just as a precautionary.

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Its probably normal. I find sex the most uncomfortable thing in the world now (28 weeks) I get sore really easily and every position hurts my tummy. Not to mention it is such a turn off to feel ur little on kicking as ur Hubby is trying to get freaky. Since being in the third trimester sex is a no go.

Poor hubby ;P

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