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Pregnant (Expecting)
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13 and pregnant

im 13 and pregnant.. HELP ME. please dont say im a slut or anything like that

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You're not a slut. You're not the first pregnant 13 year old and you wont be the last. Although you are very young, My cousin is your age and I cannot imagine

What do you mean Help you, in what way?

Have you told your parents yet, do you know who the father is, do you know that you want to keep the baby-could you cope, or would it be best if you got a termination, do you think?

If you need help in means of support, I'm sure you will find it on BnB. There a lovely bunch of ladies from all different back grounds and ages, I'm pretty sure no one will think you are a slut!

oh and are you certain your pregnant? Have you been to the doctors or done a hpt,or just had a missed period?

Don't panic

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Have you tested?? Have you decided what to do?? Any support you need im sure you will get it on here

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Dont panic.
have you had a pregnancy test ?
im 14 and think i could be pregnant. but i havnt took a test yet, hoping to take one soon.
if you have took a test and its positive, tell your parents or someone you trust.
maybee the dad of the baby ?
dont worry, im sure you'll find al the help you need on here. and just know, you arnt a slut, and your not alone, many people are going through the same thing as you and feel the same way.
hope this helps

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Do you actually KNOW you're pregnant?? Have you started your periods? Or did you just have unprotected sex and think you MAY be pregnant?

Best thing to do is take a test but make sure it isn't too early after having sex as it'll just come up negative. If when you do test its positive best thing you can do is let someone close to you know - preferably an adult so that thay can help you decide what you want to do and whats best for you.

Good luck! All of us are here for you if you need to ask a question, but at the end of the day you need someone you can talk to in person to help you out as none of us can do much over the internet

Try your local connexions if you have no one to turn to, they will be very sympathetic to someone your age in your situation and will try to help you in every way possible


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Hey hun. Try to not stress too much. I know, better said than done...but it only makes things worse. First off, you need to confirm that you are pregnant. Then you really need to talk to your parents or an aunt or someone who can help you make this desicion. It basically comes down to 3 major choices: you can keep the baby and raise him/her yourself, you can carry to term and have someone else raise the baby (adoption or what have you) or you can abort.

No matter how bad things seem, just know that it will be ok. You're not the youngest and even if you where, I've seen young moms do amazing things. I've seen young moms be better moms than a lot of older moms.

Good luck. Keep us filled in and we will help you as best we can--that's what we're here for.

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First of, try not to worry or stress. Try not to think about any pregnancy symptoms as that can actually make you have them.

If you haven't done one already, take a pregnancy test. You don't have to spend a lot on them you can get 2 in a pack from poundland. Or go to your doctors. Or you can get free test's from different clinics. I take it you have got your period now? Well wait till it normally comes, if it doesn't come within 1-2 weeks of the normal time then get a test and use your 1st morning urine as that has more pregnancy hormones in. If it turns out negative then try again in a week's time as you could have tested to early or you might not be pregnant.

But if you have took a test and it's postive then go to someone you can trust and tell them. Could be anyone. Teacher, doctor, family, friend who is older. But you will need to get help from someone. The better the sooner. Plus it will be easier sooner. And plus if you left it too long to act then it could be to late to get rid of the baby - if you did want that.
You will need to let the dad know - If you know who he is.

If you decide to keep the baby then don't worry people your age turn out to be really good parents.
Hopefully your parents won't be too angry. Yes they will be a bit but you have to expect that. But they will be there for you

Good luck with whatever happens. And don't worry to much


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Hiya honey...first of all let me give you a big hug Why would anyone call you a slut?...your not...unfortunatly unexpected things happen in life which we have to deal with Is this a confirmed pregnancy hun? Does anyone know? and the father?...this must be a very big shock for you and you may require some support and let us know your situation and im sure we can offer you as much advice and guidance as possible and maybe you should talk to someone close to you who you trust. If you want to chat babe feel free to pm me...takecare xxx

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