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19 and pregnant, what do I need to do now?

Hey everyone, so I'm 19 years old and I just found out that I am pregnant. I feel very lucky as I have a supportive partner and my mum seems to have taken the news quite well. I only have left to tell my dad but I'll get around to that soon, I just need to figure out how to!

My question is what do I have to do now? Am I supposed to start buying things or do I wait until a bit later? I'm just confused about it all, I'd appreciate any help!

Thank you,
J x

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Hey, welcome to bnb!
I'm Kayla and I got pregnant with my first at 18 and had her at 19.. I'm now pregnant with baby number two at 20!
Congrats on your pregnancy
Do you know how far along you are?
Firstly, if you haven't you need to make a doctors appointment so you can figure out dates, get blood work etc..
When I was pregnant with my first I didn't start buying things until I found out the gender (don't know if you are going to find out or not?) and I also waited until my baby shower because I got a lot of stuff there too.
It's great you have a supportive partner! Me and my husband have been married for almost a year and he's the father of both of my babies and he's wonderful
Again congrats and if you have any more questions you can message me!

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I didn't start buying for ages because of superstition but I the end I had her early and didn't have half the stuff I needed! I'd recommend waiting until after the 20 week scan to buy

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Congratulations! I'm Clair, also 19 and I have two babies Jason who is 2 in a month and Lily who is 4 months old!

You need to see your GP or local midwives (I'm in the UK) and get yourself booked in I bought stuff after my first scans (11 weeks) but not straight after as I was in no rush. Good luck!

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Hello, I'm currently 19 and pregnant with baby #2.

First you need to see a doctor. Get checked out. Find out how far along you are. Generally people don't start buying stuff until 20 weeks when they find out the gender and stuff. You don't want to start too early incase of something happening (knock on wood nothing does, of course).

Make sure to take prenatal's, visit your doctor, do the tests, and mostly just enjoy your pregnancy. You can always talk to your mom since she's taking it really well. I'm sure she'll be able to help you some what (I know my mom didn't remember a whole lot, but she new the basics, lol)

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congrats on the pregnancy as the other ladies said first things first make sure you schedule your appointment and get your prenatals taken care ofnyou can start buying things for baby at anyy time but id wait till the 20th week good luck and happy and healthy 9 months

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Welcome, congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm Hannah and have a 2-year-old boy, I was also 19 when I had him.

The first thing to do is make an appointment with your doctor/GP, just the same as you normally would for anything, then tell them you are pregnant there. They will then sort out an appointment with a midwife for you when you're around 8 weeks pregnant (or maybe a little sooner/later depending on where you are) who will sit down with you and go through lots of questions on health and family history to build up your pregnancy notes. You'll then go on to have regular appointments with this midwife to keep track of things, as well as a 12-week scan and a 20-week scan. This is how it is in the UK anyway, hope I've helped a little!

I would also strongly suggest going and buying some folic acid to take daily if you're not already. You can go and buy it over the counter at most chemists I think.

It's up to you when you start buying things. However, I didn't even think about starting to buy anything until after the 12-week scan. I bought the majority of stuff after the 20-week once we knew we were having a little boy. X

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I'm now 23 and pregnant with my 3rd, but I had my first at 20 pregnant at 19.

If you haven't already you'll need to see your GP who will calculate how far along in your pregnancy you are and refer you to your midwife. The midwife will ask you to come in for a booking appointment and you will see the midwife from then on and she will schedule your appointments.

As for buying anything, it's up to you. Some like to wait until after 12 weeks as the risk of miscarriage drops, some buy straight away and some buy after 20 weeks if they choose to find out their baby's gender.

Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy

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