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Heather your doing so well sweetie! Depression is a horrible thing to have I've suffered with it since before I had kids and have been on medication for nearly a year now and I feel like a new person, I'm also a better mother and partner! If your still struggling please don't hesitate to see your doctor about going back on the meds, its not a bad thing and nothing to be ashamed of, ive learnt that the hard way! My stubbornness and embarrassment of 'Giving in' to medication nearly saw my 2 beautiful kids without a mother just before Christmas. So I'm kinda glad I saw sense!

I also need me time, A LOT actually lol if I'm having a bad day my oh takes the kids up his mums house for an hour or 2, sometimes thats all you need! Lol

I like to think of your story and how strong you are, it gives me hope, even though I'm a bit older than you, I find you more of an inspiration than most people my age.

Keep up the goos work heather, I enjoy reading your updates. 💜

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Is there an update to this? Did you stay with FOB? How are you feeling?

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