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Heather your doing so well sweetie! Depression is a horrible thing to have I've suffered with it since before I had kids and have been on medication for nearly a year now and I feel like a new person, I'm also a better mother and partner! If your still struggling please don't hesitate to see your doctor about going back on the meds, its not a bad thing and nothing to be ashamed of, ive learnt that the hard way! My stubbornness and embarrassment of 'Giving in' to medication nearly saw my 2 beautiful kids without a mother just before Christmas. So I'm kinda glad I saw sense!

I also need me time, A LOT actually lol if I'm having a bad day my oh takes the kids up his mums house for an hour or 2, sometimes thats all you need! Lol

I like to think of your story and how strong you are, it gives me hope, even though I'm a bit older than you, I find you more of an inspiration than most people my age.

Keep up the goos work heather, I enjoy reading your updates. 💜

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Is there an update to this? Did you stay with FOB? How are you feeling?

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Originally Posted by flashy09 View Post
Is there an update to this? Did you stay with FOB? How are you feeling?
I can't believe this thread is still getting posts after such a long time!

Gabriella is 2 years old and growing strong and healthy everyday. She is still slightly behind size-wise, but almost there. She hasn't seemed to have entered the terrible twos yet.

FOB and I are still together. I moved in with him, which was a huge adjustment for me and was really difficult because my family was against me moving in with him so it caused some tension. My mom just doesn't like me "shacking up" with guys. It's like, we have a child together - people know we had sex. Things are better now. I'm getting ready to finish my second year of college, which I'm finding really easy. I'm off on Fridays, so Gabriella goes to a sitter Monday-Thursday. I'm not as stressed out about being a parent now -it's finally become normal to me. If course, I haven't talked to anyone I went to high school with in about a year. Our lives are just completely different and I'm fine with that. Plus, my boyfriend is way more attractive than all my "friend's" boyfriends they've met at college
I do struggle with making friends now because my life is still a lot different than most of my classmates and I'm also not interested in typical college life. Plus, I prefer to just be at home instead of going out. But I do wish I could find people I had more in common with.

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It is fantastic to hear everything is going so well - wishing you all the best for you and your family

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Amazing update. I'm so happy that Gabriella is doing well and that you've found your new normal. Congratulations on everything you've accomplished so far!

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Wow, I can't believe she is two! I'm so glad everything is going well for you!

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