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Not a teen anymore but...

Hi there just a nice post to say to all the pregnant teens that you can do it!! And it's so God damn worth it in the end.

I was 16 when I fell pregnant with my daughter. I had her 2 months after I turned 17. I suffered pnd, being kicked out at one point, and everyone turning their noses up at me.

I was shit scared when I fell pregnant. I wasn't sure who the dad was as I had just left my long term partner and got with someone else. Then we broke up after a week.... got back with my ex and found out 4 weeks later I was pregnant. Complicated I swear down x

I am now 23. I have a very intelligent 6 yr old daughter. A 3yr old (next month) son
My own place for me and the kids. We have a dog and I am also married.
To top it all off I'm 11weeks 1 day pregnant with our 3rd and final child

7 yrs ago last month I fell pregnant. I never originally wanted kids. I didn't think I could do it.
But trust me you can and you will be an amazing parent!! If anyone at all needs any advise feel free to pm me xx always here to help

Soppy I know but I just felt someone may need to hear how things get even better as life goes on xx

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lovely post, glad everything worked out for you! x

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Hey I'm now 25 and also had my first at 16 and yes it can be done. It's hard but it's worth it. I'm now due my third.

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hey, I'm the same. Had my first at 16 too. Then had my second at 18. Now 25, married and expecting baby 3 in August. It's great. Hope everything continues to go well for you.

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