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Pregg?? need opinions

okay so this is a long story but ill keep it short. had sex on my ovulation day with a condom but i dont think it was used correctly and i think there may have been a leak , had all the symptoms ,took a test and 2/3 were faint positives. got in a fight (physical) ?bled a little (pink spotting) the day after then got in a fight (not physical) with my mom and left and started bleeding like a period all about a week before my expected period which is never early. still felt shitty after that (nausea,headaches,..etc) took a digital test about a week before my next period and it was negative. week after i got my period. now i know what youre thinking "wow this dumb b ur not pregnant stupid". but hear me out. i have been feeling like CRAP. i thought i was getting sick but so far nothing. i have the worst headches, im nauseous ALL the time specially after i eat something. another thing ive never been someone to eat alot but lately ive had the biggest appetite. they sound like pms symptoms but theyre there all the time and ive never gotten pms symptoms. also im skinny and lately ive been super bloated but only my lower abdomen i can tell its different and its not going away. ik something is not okay. if im not pregnant something is wrong i just feel it. i just kinda need peoples opinions. thx .xx (ill even attach pic of bloating)

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hey dear,

i think you should see an OB/GYN as no one can really tell just by reading your post. if two out of three pregnancy test that you took were positive, then you definitely need to be seen by a doc.

from what i understand from your post, you took them fairly early, around 7-10 days after ovulation (you didn't write how long your cycles usually are so i am just guestimating), which could be the right frame both for a faint positive test and for the implantation, that sometimes causes bleeding that can be mistaken for a period, especially since you're young.

on other hand, some test brands tend to have massive "evaps" which is short for an "evaporation line" which can be mistaken for a real positive pregnancy test. evaps resemble faint positives, just that usually they are grayish rather than dyed. I don't know what test brand you have used, usually bare test strips (without plastic scaffold) tend to give evaps more frequently.

The fact that your digital pregnancy test resulted negative several weeks later could be due to the hook effect, where you are indeed pregnant but there is too much hormone in your urine so the normal non digital tests look paler, while some digies can even turn negative. Again, not knowing exactly how far along were you in your cycle and which brands you used make it hard to estimate.

Anyhow, since you DID HAVE TWO POSITIVE PREGNANCY TESTS, there IS a CONCRETE chance that you could still be pregnant, or that you have been pregnant and then miscarried and your body is still readjusting from that. BOTH situations require a doctor's visit.

I really wouldn't wait too much, try contacting a planned parenthood or your school doctor if talking to your mom and booking an appointment with her doesn't work.

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Exactly, you had two positive tests. Since there is a chance, it's a good idea to see a doc right away or even a school nurse if you can't discretely book yourself an appointment. Or Planned Parenthood clinics. There are resources out there! GL keep us updated xx

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