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Wanting to be a young mom

I'm not really sure where to start except with the fact I want to be a young mom. I'm currently 16, home schooled, and not pregnant. I want to have a baby, considering the fact I'm quite mature for my age. I'm a sophomore in high school, and have been with my 19 year old boyfriend for over a year now.

We talk about starting a family constantly. I never really leave my house except when i go grocery shopping with my mom. I don't really have friends, so I will have all the time with a baby until i go off to college. I don't want to have my first child at 30 like my mom. By the time i get out of college, I'll be 26. I'll be so focused on finding a job and starting my career, I won't have time for pregnancy, or a newborn.

I have seriously considered this option. My mom will be totally supportive of my decision, but I'm terrified of telling her because I don't know how she'll react at first. It's a serious step. I know i will be giving up a lot of freedoms, so does my boyfriend, and we both dont mind at all. We've already picked out a crib with mattresses. I really want someone else's opinion before i make the decision to tell her. I'm thinking of writing her a note just to express how i feel because i've never really been the best at expressing m feelings. Someone please help.

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Babyandbump does not support those under 18, trying to TTC. Just so you know.
We ttc'ed our daughter shortly after I turned 17... I had already graduated highschool(graduated a year early), we had jobs, and found an apartment shortly after we found out. We ttc'ed because the miscarriage we had at 13 weeks a few months prior was eating us both alive. It turned out to be the right decision for us, though I won't lie, it's not easy. A baby is hard work, and the older they get, the more it becomes.
Our daughter Emma is turning six in June.. And she is totally worth everything we have gone through.
I'd advice waiting.. Until you graduate at the very least. It's much easier to raise a child when you aren't having to focus on highschool school work, and it gives you and your boyfriend more time to develop within your relationship.

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