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Am I pregnant?? please help?

this is a 100% crazy question but i am crazy paranoid. the other night i was with some guy and he was fingering me and i blew him but i stopped after like 1 minute and i dont think he came. i dont remember if he fingered me after i blew him but is it possible that SOMEHOW i could have become pregnant from him possibly touching his dck and then fingering me if he even did after???
i got my period yesterday (im irregular and it was 5 days early) i have been wearing a pad because its heavy but how do i know if its implantation bleeding or my actual period? it was red yesterday and dark red today. please help im so so so scared!!

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Please don't be scared you are NOT pregnant but maybe you should think about going to the pill or something

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It is very very unlikely that you are pregnant.

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