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Talking to my parents

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had advice on how I should tell my parents or whether or not I should do so. When you guys told your parents, how did you do that and how did they react? Thanks!

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You should definitely tell them. They're better off hearing it from you than finding out for themselves. When I told my parents, all I said was "I'm pregnant" in a calm, regular setting. They were extremely disappointed in me, which of course is understandable. They're still a little unsure about all of it, it's taking quite a while to sink in but I guess it depends on what your parents are like. But really, telling them will be a huge relief, it even made the situation more real for me. Hope you're feeling okay!

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You definitely should tell them! I think in person is the best way and if you absolutely cannot face that then writing them a letter. When I was pregnant with my first at 16 I text my mum then turned my phone off, I hate how I did it, it made her so much more angry and stressed. With my second I told both of my parents in person but separately, it went much better!

With my first my parents were fuming (who wouldn't be, though!) but it only took my mum a few weeks (during which she was very angry) to come around to the fact that I was pregnant however, my dad hardly spoke to me until I was about 27 weeks pregnant and when he did he didn't acknowledge my pregnancy. He was still funny about it, I assume, up until the day my son was born but when my mum phoned him after my son was born he cheered that he had a grandson (as he only has 2 daughters) and had a celebratory steak and whisky

My point is that most of the time, it's going to be hard in the beginning but their feelings won't necessarily stay that way forever. Good luck!

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I think you should definitely tell your parents. Things will go much better if you tell them yourself rather them finding out themselves or from someone else.

I got pregnant with my first when I was 16 and I did a very poor job of telling my parents. My mom was actually told by the police (which is a really long story) and later I told my dad through a text message. My mom took it fairly well - she was upset and disappointed of course, but she was very supportive right from the start. My dad didn't really talk to me much but came around by the time my son was born.

When I got pregnant with my second (I was 17) I told my mom in person and she absolutely freaked out. She was incredibly pissed and just did not handle it well at all. However, within a couple weeks she calmed down and came around and was very supportive overall. I text my dad again and he reacted with indifference, which is about the best I could have hoped for (although he came around after my son was born, he's never been a great parent or grandparent).

Like ClairAye said, it will be hard, but their feelings can (and most likely will) change over time if they react badly at first. The best way to tell them is in person, but a letter could work, too.

Good luck!

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You have to tell your mum and dad you need them. If I were you I would tell them that you scared and need their support. Those two words always remind a mum of her job and might help them react in a calm way. My friends daughter hid her pregnancy from her mum until 38 weeks when a neighbour told her she was so upset that her daughter didn't trust her. You can do this good luck

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You have to tell them, plain and simple.
My mom wasnt my problem telling.. she was a little disappointed but she got over it quickly. It was my dad that i more so feared and im not sure why. His reaction was the best. I think telling him on my birthday helped haha. You never know how people are going to react so its best to just get it over with i think

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Aged with the pps. You need to tell them first/ as soon as possible, and you need to do it in person if possible. They may be shocked, they may be angry, or they could be thrilled, must remember that even if they don't react in a positive way that it is just because they love and care so deeply for you. But in time, they will learn to be happy and supportive. It could happen quickly (by the end of the conversation) or it could take months. My uncle couldn't be happy for my cousin until he held his grandson in his arms/ the kid was a few months old. Just keep your chin up, try to stay calm through it, and everything will work out. You also have a wonderful support network here on BnB to help you through or celebrate whatever reaction your family has.

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