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Is it likely?

My girlfriend and I have been together for about a year and a half now and we are both still very young. The other day, we were getting frisky and one thing led to another and it ended up with my penis rubbing against her vagina. There was no penetration whatsoever. I had not came earlier in the day and had peed multiple times since the previous time. I'm an extremely nervous person by default so I was wondering if there's any real chance that she's pregnant. I should also add that her mothers side has trouble getting pregnant that has been in the family for multiple generations. If someone could just tell me how likely it is that after no penetration, no real amount of semen left in my penis, and fertility issues that run in her family, she's pregnant.


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It is incredibly unlikely. Yes, it does only take one and all that jazz... But the starts have to align and you have to have some serious bad (or good) luck for that to happen. Hope that helps ease your worry!

Although I just read the rules and this forum is specifically for pregnant teens.

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