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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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I want to so badly!!

Hi Everyone

This is probably going to sound nuts but I am 19 next month and so desperately want to have a baby. I have been wanting a baby for a few months now, but now I am desperate to have a little one of my own. My boyfriend doesn't want to yet and he said I'll have to wait until 2018!! How am I supposed to wait that long feeling this way?
I am really stuck because I wrote a pro's and con's list and the pro's far out way the con's but my boyfriend doesn't want a baby so what am I supposed to do... I don't think a sperm bank will let me have a baby on my own either

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These types of posts arent allowed in this section so may get deleted. I would have a post in the WTT (waiting to try) section as there will be lots of posts from people in a similar situation to you.

Unfortunately if your other half doesnt want a baby yet (which is comoletely understandable if hes also young) then you have to respect that. Have you thought of all aspects like finances ect? And all of the things you want to do that you wont be able to once you have a baby (holidays, travelling, studying and qualifications ect?) I had my 1st baby aged 19 unplanned and whilst I love motherhood Ive missed out on so much of my youth and it has been hard work. But I know it must be difficult veing in your situation

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