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Old Aug 1st, 2016, 09:12 AM   11
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glad to hear it's not one of those invented infertility stories in your case and that your boyfriend didn't lie to you on that. if he showed you the paperwork from his doctor that states that, then he had full right to believe he really was.
sometimes it's also doctors who proclaim someone "infertile" with too much ease and then in the end surprises happen (both wanted and not).

i asked where did he come up with being sterile, as the stories of teen boys who lie about that just in order to avoid using condoms are not so rare as one can imagine and it's one of those things you get warned about at the sex ed classes (at least when i was a teen, it was clearly said to girls NOT to trust teenage boys who come up with a story like that - and of course, it was said to boys NOT to play with a lie like that).

i wish you good luck with your pregnancy, with telling your parents, etc.. and glad to know he's excited to be a dad. all the best to you!

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Old Aug 2nd, 2016, 23:16 PM   12
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Have you told your parents yet? Are you waiting to tell them because the father is much older than you? I understand you trust him but I honestly think you need to have a support network outside of your relationship. I'm a bit confused about what paperwork he has to show you, since diagnoses wouldn't usually be given in writing. Was it test results? If so, can you really interpret them properly? I'm assuming that this might be a fairly new relationship since you mentioned losing your virginity on the occasion you conceived this baby? I really hope everything works out for the three of you but just make sure this man isn't your only option.

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You've already had some great advice here. Just to offer some reassurance all three of my healthy pregnancies in the first 12 weeks and particularly at 7 ish weeks I had stomach cramping and with my second it was quite uncomfortable. But it was just baby bedding down in there getting comfortable. Obviously get checked out and of you have any bleeding then even more need to be checked over. They usually scan to make sure everything is OK. I had some spotting with my second pregnancy and it was just implantation bleeding and only a little bit. Hth

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You certainly need to get confirmation from a doctor.

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