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17 and pregnant...what do I do?


First of all I want to get out of the way that this is my second pregnancy. When I was 15, I fell pregnant. I didn't have a baby, so you can all figure out the option I chose I'm sure. Anyway, not long after had the implant inserted like any responsible person would. But evidently, something has gone wrong there.

Anyway, now I'm 17 and pregnant again. And yeah, the pregnancy itself is a problem, but I have a lot more surrounding it.

Firstly, I now live in Japan (previously Florida) so I think that visiting a doctor is going to be trickier, although I am in Tokyo so I am likely to find an English speaking doctor, I'm not exactly sure how pregnancy is handled here, and the options surrounding it.

Second problem: my boyfriend. He's 21, starting his final year of college, and moving back to the states to do so. Also, whilst I found out I was pregnant, he went back home to visit family, and will be coming back here soon to get some of his things to take them back. Because of this, I don't know how I should tell him. Even if this weren't the situation, I still wouldn't know. Any tips?

I know I need to visit a doctor as soon as possible, but I'm scared. Last time, I had a friend by my side who was so supportive but right now I have nobody. My mom herself was a teen mother, twice in fact, so she was more understanding this time but because I've let it happen again, I'm not so sure. Also, will I need to get my implant removed straight away? Will it cause any harm?

All advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Hello there lovely xx
First of all, take a deep breathe. I also fell pregnant whilst on the implant and I didn't even know. I was 14 at the time and I lost her at 18 weeks gestation. You will definitely need to have the implant removed, as it can cause issues for you and Bub. Regardless of what you decide to do with the pregnancy, it will need to be removed as it's clearly defective. It's good that your mother is being supportive. You really do need to tell your boyfriend though. The decision of what happens with the pregnancy is of course, up to you but you also need to take into account his feelings and thoughts.
Do you know roughly how far along you would be? I live in Australia, so unfortunately I can't give you any advice for the medical side but you need to try and source and English speaking doctor ASAP.
I can however say, I had my son at 17. He was planned and we went through hell and back to have him, so I do understand that your situation is very different. Whatever you decide, it will be ok xx I'm sure everyone on here will be an amazing support, especially since you don't have anyone with you right now xx You don't have to do this alone ❤️ I'm open to chatting with you about your thoughts and feelings if you would like xx
Much love beautiful. Remember, breathe

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First of all, congrats!

I would just come out and say it before you have chance to stop yourself but that's only because I really struggled and I made OH guess as I couldn't bare to say it. Talk with him and be honest and open about how you're feeling and what you want to happen and listen in return to how he feels and what he wants.

Both of my pregnancies have been unplanned and I was preventing both times. My first was the mini pill and my second on the way is a failed morning after pill baby don't you just love being the small percentage?

It's already been said but yes the implant will need to come out and you need to see a doctor and find out how far along your are exactly asap. Fingers crossed its fairly easy to get an English speaking doctor!

Good luck!!

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Pray for direction on what to do, and it sounds like you need to decide who you want to involve. If you are worried about the medical care in Japan, even though I say this without knowing what brought you there, you may want to consider returning to the US.

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Greetings from a neighboring country. I'm in the U.S. right now, but maybe I can give a little bit of insight on getting an English speaking doctor in a non-english speaking country. My home is currently in South Korea so can empathize a little with your situation.

If you visit the U.S. embassy website and also search "english speaking doctors for expats" you'll find an abundance of resources. Tokyo is much like Seoul, they have many major hospitals with international clinics. There is an OBGYN at the Tokyo National University in the Shinjuku Prefecture, St. Luke's International Hospital in Ginza/Tsukiji Prefectures along with many others. Most major university hospitals have an international ward. I would check the U.S. Embassy websites. Some hospitals provide English hotlines for assistance. I would also contact a global center. These locations usually provide an abundance of assistance. Japan is a bit expensive, but having insurance does help. If not, I would consider returning to the states to see if Medicaid could be an option. Most clinics and hotlines will assist you with any questions regarding that.

It's going to be okay. But start off with getting checked by a doctor. Japanese doctors take the same hippocratic oath as doctors in the states. Major hospital doctors tend to train in the U.S. or other Western hospitals so they are familiar with various situations. And if you ever feel uncomfortable with a doctor, you can ditch them and find another. But for now start with the first step. Make an appointment and make sure you and the baby are okay. From there, you can start to plan.

I hope this helps you some.

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