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Am I Pregnant?

Yesterday I was messing around with a guy. He said that, 2 hours before, he had ejaculated and that he hadn't washed anything after that, including his hands. While we were messing around, his fingers made contact with the outside of my vagina. I don't remember but I might have had a tiny bit of precum on my fingers when I touched the outside of my vagina. Can I get pregnant from this?

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Don't worry, you will not get pregnant from the type of contact you have described. If you are going to be having sexual contact with guys please educate yourself about safe sex so you know what you are getting yourself into, and make sure you use protection. Start taking the pill and make sure you always use a condom to protect yourself from STDs.

FYI this thread will be closed by an administrator because this forum is for pregnant teenagers only.

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Uh no! I would also hope that if you are doing these things, you understand what can get you pregnant. This is concerning to see.

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No, you cant.

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Teen Pregnancy ONLY - Guidelines For Using This Section

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