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Breaking the News

I am 19, and I know that is almost out of the teen years, but hey I'm still a teen!

My boyfriend and I are TTC and were talking about breaking the news to our families.

I know his parents will have no problem, but my parents are another story. What is the best way to break the news to parents that are overprotective and sometimes disapproving? I know that eventually they will have to be supportive, but sometimes they can be so intimidating that I feel too afraid of telling them things in fear of getting yelled at.

Would love to hear how your experiences went!

Thank you!

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With our very first pregnancy, I found out the day before my 17th birthday...
My mom- I literally walked out of the bathroom, threw the stick at her and broke down crying( unexpected will do that to ya) She was supportive
I told my dad the next day, on my birthday. He was who I was afraid of most, but he was super sweet! He went and bought me roses! Dad took care of my stepmom.. shes the only one that ever reacted badly.
We lost that pregnancy at 12+4 unfortunately. After my then fiance (now husband) came home permanently from the marine corps a little over a month later, we NTNP. When we found out we were expecting again, we just went ahead and sat every one down and told them. Again, mom and dad we good, his mom and sister reacted crappie, but everyone came around. Our daughter is 6 now. My best advice is to just tell them, or put an ultrasound photo in a card, you never know.. they may very well surprise you!
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Well how late do you have to tell them? Maybe waiting for a holiday like Thanksgiving ( if you live in the US) or Christmas would be a better idea?

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