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Belly bump with regular monthly periods~

I had noticed that my belly seems bigger and slightly rounder at the lower belly. And I guess the worry makes me think too much and I kept thinking that my belly is getting harder and it is really a baby bump...

My last sexual encounter was at the end of May, I cannot remember if it was protected or unprotected sex but there was definitely no ejaculation inside. My periods have been regular every month since then. They are most likely to be regular periods rather than spotting as they last typically a few days and the flow is normal. There are no pregnancy symptoms such as nausea or tender boobs etc. No increase in appetite as well and no cravings nor aversions to any foods.

I do feel fatigued these few days although my first instinct is to pin the exhaustion down to pre-menstrual symptoms as my last menses was at the beginning of the month as well.

My first thought was that I had put on weight but my weight did not changed and instead reduced. Maybe I am thinking and worrying too much so this is another way for me to alleviate my worry.

Hope to read any replies soon because I had been Googling non-stop about pregnancies with regular periods and even pregnancies with negative pregnancy test (although I had not taken one yet). The worrying is probably going to drive me nuts soon.

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you could have a little bladder infection, that can make you bloat like crazy and make you seem pregnant. i know i can easily look 4-5 months pregnant when it happens (to the point of getting stopped by my well meaning neighbors to congratulate me...)

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