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19 & maybe pregnant

I'm looking for some help from people who are or have been pregnant. I went off of my birth control last month & ever since then I have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend & he does not pull out. I did not think I was pregnant until recently. Several signs do show that I am now. I have a thick white discharge, but that is no different for me. What has me concerned is that usually i really enjoy sex, especially missionary because it is such a special moment for me. Tonight when we had sex in that position i kept getting really bad abdominal pain (almost as if he was hitting a wall, like there wasn't enough room for him), I have never experienced this feeling before, it was very painful. I as well as my partner also noticed how wet i was & i had never been that wet before. Could this possibly be signs of pregnancy??

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Symptoms are different for every woman, the only way to know for sure is to take a test.

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Were you trying to concieve ? & maybe you were super wet because you ovulated or something. Also ive read that the cm will remain white and thick all the way up to af, and if af doesnt show and its still thick and white etc then you may be pregnant !

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