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Baby daddy issues ... HELP

I guess it's more of a vent really, before I explode...

I'm 21, babies dad is nearly 27.

I found out I was pregnant Sunday (8th) and obviously told him the same day however we've only been together 6/7 months which I know is better than what it could be but he hasn't taken it very well.

He's only thinking of the way it's going to affect his life, not thinking of me what so ever! He did try to talk me into the A word too.. which is not happening in a million years. Once he realised i wasn't going to do it, he has turned on me massively. He won't see me, we're barely talking and he's acting so selfish. I understand maybe timing wasn't right and it was totally unexpected but every life is a gift and everything happens for a reason right? Anyone would think he has just been given a death sentence. With the way he's acting right now I'm preparing to be on my own with this baby but I know he would be amazing and I so hope he comes round... for now I'm gonna step back, leave him to think and hope for the best but nor me or this little bean need the stress!

Does anyone have any advice or similar stories? (By the way I know I'm not a teen but not a great deal older so thought it would be okay to post here)


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I'm 22, my ex is about the same age as your OH but I have a 3 year old and a 4 year old.

Feel free to PM me and I can share my story, my children's father is absent from their lives by choice.

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