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Am I pregnant?

This all started about 14 weeks ago. At that point, I had been on birth control for 6 months already and everything was going smooth, except for a day the week before I took one pill about 12 hours late. The week after was my sugar pill week, and at that time I spent a night with my boyfriend, and we didn't use any protection. He did "pull out" (sorry for the vulgarity), but he thinks he did too late, and that some may have been inside of me. Three days later, I left on a trip, and forgot my birth control pills so I was off of it for two weeks. When I got back I waited for another two weeks after so that I could begin taking it again as normal. Fast forward 12 weeks until now, and I'm starting to occasionally feel morning sickness and noticed spotting one day. Prior to that I had no symptoms of pregnancy. I'm really not sure if I'm pregnant at this point and was hoping to get some help/insight.

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