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Am I pregnant?

Hello there,

Firstly, me and my bf imitated sex with clothes on, some time later, he began fingering me with his left arm(into my naked vagina), before that, he took his penis out, holding it by the bottom of it with his thumb and index fingers for like 2 seconds, and stuck it between my legs(I was with my jeans), couldn't his index finger, which he used to finger me, get with pre-cum (from the bottom of his penis)? But when he put his hand on my neck it was dry, I didn't feel any wetness, it was my 9th period cycle day (my cycle is 30 days long). Everything happened on January 17th, ovulation happened on January 26th and after this happening, I still got my period, it was abundant as always, 7 days after ovulation I did pregnancy test, it showed negative result, also did it several days after that and lastly, I did it 7 weeks after that day ( on February 18th), but in the afternoon, around 16 pm, it also showed negative. Could the pre-cum got on his fingers, when he touched the bottom of his penis, later he put on his jeans without even touching it, put his hand on my neck(it felt dry) and then he began fingering me. Could I have become pregnant if the tests showed negative result, had period and now, if I am pregnant, it should be 7th week of pregnancy, but I don't feel any symptoms, except that I feel like my belly hurts...

Please don't judge me, I feel very anxious and stressed about it, please help me out and answer.

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No judgement, I know the fear!

It's super unlikely, even without the negative tests. Pre-cum has very little sperm in it, and it doesn't have the momentum of ejaculate semen, so it's very hard for those few in there to make their way all the way to the Fallopian tubes. Your body, too, has a lot of hurdles for those things to jump to get that far, so it's likely that if any of those few made it into your uterus, you smoked 'em before they got to far.

I really think you can relax. Stress can make you feel pregnant because you notice every little ache and pain that you'd normally ignore.


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