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Late period.. could I be pregnant?

I would just like to start this off by clarifying that I am NOT trying to conceive. I just want some insight from moms as I am too scared to talk to my own about this but here is the back story. On August 6th I had protected sex with my boyfriend. The condom ripped but at this point he hadnít finished yet. Wanting to be safe however, I went out and bought the plan B pill and took it about 24 hours later on August 7th. On August 10th I started my period about 5 days early. It was a normal period for me - heavy bleeding and mild cramping and it lasted a week. The last time I had sex was on September 2nd and we used a condom with no issues. Now, according to my cycle tracking app, I shouldíve had my period yesterday but itís not here yet. I do have the normal symptoms that come along with my period - cystic acne, very mild/dull cramping, lower back pain, easily irritated.. but I know some of these symptoms are the same with pregnancy. I also know that plan B can mess with your cycle so my question is, is it normal for plan B to interfere with the second cycle as well? Will my period just be a week late or is there any chance that I am pregnant?? Iíve also been worrying about this a lot so stress could be delaying it along with the fact that I have just moved to College so I am in a new environment with more walking than I am used to and a new diet. I just want some insight from anybody else who has experienced problems taking plan b. Please help I have been freaking out for the past couple days and all I want to do is cry and pray that I am not pregnant!!!

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I don't have any personal knowledge of Plan B delaying the second cycle, but I do know that your stresses and life changes could VERY easily be changing your cycle length! Try not to worry and just settle in to waiting for AF. If you have had no unprotected sex since your last period, there is slim to no chance that you could be pregnant.

I also want to applaud you for being responsible and proactive. I've taken Plan B in the past "just to be safe" and it definitely caused a lot of nervous waiting and second guessing. Hang in there!

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