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Just found out I'm about 6 months pregnant.

I don't know how I managed that, but I did.

also, I'm not adopting anymore, I'm keeping her. Her name will be Keira Madeline Valdez, she is due March 22. :]

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I don't know much about adoption, as I'm keeping LG, but you must be very strong to have made that decision.
Just wanted to offer my support. I was 14 when I found out and I am 15 now.
PM me anytime

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Firstly don't panic. I found out I was pregnant at about the same stage as you. I'm keeping it however but my mum did bring up the idea of adoption which we dismissed straight away. Go to your local council and explain the situation. They can put you in touch with your local adoption agency. In terms of an open adoption they talk you through it all with you. Regardless you need to sit down with your other half and both decide together. Good luck. If you want to chat I'm here if you want to pm me!

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Firstly, congratulations.

Finding out you are pregnant at any time is a shock, so finding out a 6 months must of hit you really hard.

I don't know much about adoption, but I want to say you are doing an amazing and wonderfull thing by giving your baby up for adoption.

Talk to you boyfriend and see what you both feel is best. I know it wil be hard as it is just such a shock right now, but you need to have a firm decision on what you are choosing to do as soon as possible.

Haven't really got any advice as I kept my daughter. You definitley need a good support system around you right now, your friends will find out at some point, maybe talk to just one about it, just to let your feelings out and talk to someone. xx

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Originally Posted by Bamers View Post
I don't know how I managed that, but I did.
I've bled, however sparingly and lightly, for a while, and I suddenly stopped bleeding at all, so at first I was under the impression of just becoming pregnant. But noooope.

This is probably the scariest and most difficult thing I have ever had to face in my life, especially knowing that there is no possibility of me being able to keep the baby, I HAVE to adopt. I just lost my job, literally moments before I was going to inform them of my situation, the father is currently in school without a job, and I'd have to move out for my family's sake. I am 16 years old, and very not ready to grow up.
Every time I think about it now, I start crying, and it's all I can think about anymore. I'm falling behind in school, I'm apparently becoming more distant, especially toward the father (my boyfriend), who is having just as hard of a time coping as I am. In all honesty, all I really do anymore is mope. And it sucks, but I'm scared to go out in public and start crying in front of strangers.
My mom knows, but I'm too scared to tell most of my friends. Mostly because I do not want to explain my choices in adopting -- As I know I'll be asked this at least once, for every person who knows.

I want to do an open adoption. Has anyone here ever done one? Would it make coping easier after the baby is born? What is it like?
I've done a lot of research, but for some reason I cannot find any little articles on how a mother has dealt with an open adoption, only how they, in general, work.
I Found Out At This point Aswell,So your not the only one(:
It didn't occur to me what so ever that I might be pregnant.

When I found I gotta admit excitment didn't hit me atall..I was like "Oh S***"
My otherhalf on the other hand was thrilled.
I thought I wouldn't go grow up tbh....I wasn't thrilled on the idea either..
BUT You'll be amazed how much you can grow up.

I decided to keep it (I've got 7 weeks left)
And I'm Thankful I did tbh and i'm trying to make the most out of the rest of my pregnany
And Tbh You Do See Changes In yourself and'll be amazed how much you do change

Whats Your Mum/Boyfriends opinion on it?
If you did decide to keep it,then there are many ways you can get through it,

What reasons do you have beside not wanting to grow up and the others you mentioned?

By giving it to adoption,you are doing a lovely thing for someone else.

Please Doon't take this wrong or anyone who reads it,But you really do need to sit down and have a proper think about this
About coping easier If seen many programmes and no a few people (our age) that have given it up and have regretted it later on,and found it hard.Or Have fallen in love with the baby at birth.

but please don't let that change your mind atall,Just make sure you'll be happy with your decision,as like I said,You'll be doing a great thing By adopting

About The Adoption infomation I honestly dont know much about it...Maybe you could ask your doctor?

Don't let anyone change your decsion,you've gotta do whats best for you at the end of the day If it's what you want,then go for it

Hope things Go Well
Pm me if you wanna chat


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Originally Posted by rjb View Post
I don't know much about adoption, as I'm keeping LG, but you must be very strong to have made that decision.
Just wanted to offer my support. I was 14 when I found out and I am 15 now.
PM me anytime
I didnt know you were 15. I thought you were older. I mean, I know I dont pay attention, but this just makes me look stupid. lol.

And Im 15 too. I was 7 weeks when I found out and Im Happy that I dont have to give my girl away. I cant even imagine what your feeling.

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if you want to put your baby up for adoption because you feel like you won't be able to cope then that's probably not true, so many girls on here find a way. If you make this huge decision it has to be because it's what is best for the baby. If it is and you are strong enough to go ahead then that's a wonderful option. There is an adoption section that has a few members that have given their babies up for adoption. One just recently. I would ask for there advice

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Congratulations. I'm sorry I cant offer any advise on adoption as I'm keeping my little boy who is due in 5 weeks. But if you feel in yourself that it is the right thing to do by putting your baby for adoption then all power to you. You'll be doing a selfless and beautiful thing not only will you be giving your baby a chance to have a good life but you'll be giving some family a chance for a child that they couldn't have. However, if you feel as though you want to keep the baby then don't let anyone pressure you into doing what they think is "right". Only do what you feel is right and best for you and your baby. Dont forget you're important too. PM me if you ever need a chat.

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I am 16 and found out at about 4 months but I'm keeping my LO I don't know much about adoption, my boyfriends mom gave her little girl up and I know it's hard on her to this day. But it's different for everyone. Congrats Hun. Message me anytime

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Hi and congratulations! Where are you from? In the UK sadly adoption is only done through agencies - you have no say in where the baby goes even if you find great candidates unless you give your baby away to direct family - further down the line you might find this very hard to do. In the US I believe the system is different and you can have a say in the babies adoption so if you find a couple or person yourself and get to know them you can choose to give them your baby as long as they've been assessed and approved (if you look online there are many websites dedicated to finding great people to look after your baby). I'm no expert but I looked into this quite a lot when I first found out so i'm really hoping i'm giving you the right information. Good luck with your decision! You have the support of everyone on here no matter what you do

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