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When did you start giving your baby water?

Hey ladies,

I was talking to my sil and she started to give her little girl an ounce or two a day of water at 3 months old and said it helped to get the baby on more of an eating pattern and not eating every hour and a half.

So my question is why did you start your child on water and when?

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You're technically not 'supposed' to give your LO anything other than milk until they're 6 months old. Then you're supposed to wean, so you can introduce food. Water has no nutritional value whatsoever and your LO is growing right now, so just give milk when he's hungry. Water is totally unnecessary at this point.

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I gave my LO water from about 3 months, not very often, usually when he had belly ache or when he was wanting a bottle every 20 minutes..
Its all personal opinion honey


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3 months then stopped until weaning, as they don't need it until they are weaned

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I gave Julian sips of boiled water when he was days old. It was a heatwave here and I was worried about being dehydrated. Spoke to the midwives about it, and they said it's personal opinion, but shouldn't be needed really. I haven't given it to him since he was like 2 weeks old though.

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Water should be introduced at 6+ months. Prior can actually be dangerous.

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Not till 6+ plus.
The only time i would give it to izzy was if she was slightly constipated and then would give less then an oz of cooled boiled water just to help her out a little.

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About 7/8 months I think

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Absolutely not before 6 months. I used to have a really good article on it but cant find it ATM so Wiki will have to do.

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It all depends. Water doesn't have nutrition, no, but if you're not BF (I use raw goat milk) then your baby needs more water to help constipational issues.

I gave my son water before he was even a week old (bottled water--filtered) in a bottle. Just 4 oz every day (be careful of nipple confusion if you are BF, happened to my son before I stopped at 1 week)

Unless your baby is constipated, there really is no true "need" for water, but if they're eating for comfort (my son was starting to get in that habit) I would give him water instead, because he would puke with too much milk.

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