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Late for Postpartum period?!

Hey loves I haven't been on here in a while if any of you remember me lol I've been busy with LO who is getting so big she is now three months and getting bigger everyday here is a pic

Anyways I have not gotten my bc because of personal problems but me and FOB have been sexually active with no protection using the pull n pray method which I am stopping immediately I have an appt for IUD by next week but I have so far had three postpartum periods which were happening every other week around the same time I am now 5 days late and I have already taken a hot which was negative so I am just wondering is it normal to go from a regular period to no period I am just going to wait again to take a test but fingers crossed I do start any advice?

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I remember you!

It's normal for them to be all over the place, but of course with unprotected sex there is always a chance. I'd get bloods done before you get your contraception!

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Hi!! Your little girl's gorgeous mine is almost three months too!

I'm in the same boat, using pull out method and waiting til my first regular period to start bc, I've had two "periods" but doc said they're not regular or anything, and because I'm breastfeeding it messes it up a bit. Sounds normal to me, but id def get on bc asap especially if you aren't breastfeeding!!

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It's really normal for your periods to be irregular after birth. Definitely wouldn't use the pull out method if you're not ready for another though.

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i;m not sure hun, i still havent had my post partum period yet!

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I remember you!

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It's normal for your periods to be out of whack for the first few weeks after your LO is born. I'm not sure if your BFing but that can also affect your periods. Like Shannon said, I would definitely not use the pull-out method if you're not planning on having another LO. Especially because you're extremely fertile for the first few weeks after your baby is born. I'm sure before you have your appointment with your doc, she will give you a pregnancy test anyways just to be sure.

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