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So sorry you had to go through that, I work with children and have a few that take siezures and 9/10 of the children I have cared for that has taken a seizure 9 of them it was temperature related (quite common) and only one was actually epileptic. Isiah would have seemed so out of it because having a seizure uses all of your body and it a single seizure can make you sleep for a full day after, my friend said it was like running a marathon every time she had one and you do seem not there because you are so tired your mind kinda blanks. She always said she feels the coming on but doesn't feel it during. Good thing you weren't there, parents often feel the need to hold them and like what happened to my friend, her parent tried carry her to the car to drive her to hosp and dropped her during the seizure.
Hope your all doing fine x

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That must have been terrifying. I'm glad he's doing well now, though.

Honestly, I probably would have tried to attack that doctor. You are within every right to be pissed with the doctor and the ambulance/dispatch.

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Glad he's ok now how scary. It's awful when there Ill

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That must have been so scary!
Glad to hear he's doing well now.

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Bless ya! i bet you must of been terrified but im glad his okay!

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so sad hope all is good

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seizure , so isiah

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