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The thing is people think Maryjane is pretty bad stuff. But yet as soon as anxiety is mentioned they want you to go to a doctor and get put on antidepressants and beta blockers which are bloody well awful and can cause loads of side effects. I don't smoke weed but I know people that do and they are far more aware/chilled out/mature then many of the other people I know that don't smoke.

There's a lot of ignorance in this thread. I suffer from bad anxiety myself and the drugs I was prescribed made me very Ill and lethargic.

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I've never taken medication for anxiety but I have smoked weed with anxiety and it seriously exacerbated it to the point I was still affected months later. It was terrifying. It's not the harmless drug people like to make it out to be and to dust over the fact that it can make MH problems a lot worse is irresponsible.

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I gotta say I smoked marijuana before becoming pregnant at least once a day. It didn't effect my fertility at all considering this is the second time I became pregnant in less than a year (first ended in not mary jane related miscarriage) and this is also the second time I had unprotected sex during that time.

Honestly I've taken a lot of doctor prescribed meds for my anxiety and all of them gave me stronger and more restricting effects than any marijuana I've ever smoked.

I am not done with it for the rest of my life. I work at a restaurant and couples come in with babies all the time and order a few drinks. I know my body and my limits and I know that a hit of weed is nothing compared to a drink or two. (for me personally anyway)

When it comes to impaired judgment, everybody is different I guess, but it's never made me feel like I wasn't in control. The most it does for me these days is relaxes my muscles and makes my food taste awesome. Compared to the clonazepam I was prescribed which made me feel 10x more dazed and made me fall into a deep sleep.

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If it were legal in my state, I would view it the same as alcohol. It isn't legal here

I used to smoke it when I was younger, looking back I was self medicating my anxiety. It didn't make me paranoid and made my anxiety better. It is illegal, so I don't do it now as a mother.

I find the xanax and ativan legally prescribed to me have the ability to impair me far worse, although I take he smallest dose possible so they don't. I would rather smoke legal weed than take benzodiazepines, as they can quit working easily and you have to take more and more to be effective, where I didn't find that to be the case with weed, but it had the same calming effect.

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Personally I am very anti drugs and this to me is a massive no no.

After my Mum & Dad split up, my Mum took to smoking weed. I was 6 and already knew what the smell was, knew what it looked like, to me that is disgusting. I remember my Mum asleep on the sofa comatosed after smoking, my school clothes smelt of it, by the age of 10 I was watching her at night whilst smoking a normal cigarette after getting high as I was petrified she would fall asleep and set light to the house. One night she fell asleep after putting some chip fat on to heat up and set light to the kitchen, the smoke alarm didn't wake her and I had to call 999 for fire brigade at age 11 because my Mum was too high to do it herself. Finally, I broke down to my Grandparents and moved in with them. They were horrified and had no idea this had been going on, it gave my Mum the motivation to shape up. She moved house, never saw the bad influences again, met my step dad who is wonderful and hasn't smoked weed in 10 years or cigarettes for that matter! She is now the best person and a lovely Mum to me and very remorseful for what she put me through. It breaks my heart to think of any child feeling how I did when I was little.

Luckily for me, none of my friends do drugs & my Husband is very anti drugs too, so this for me would never ever be an option.

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Aside from whether or not it alleviates anxiety...SMOKING marijuana is really bad for your health. It can cause severe respiratory issues, and damage the lungs. It smells like shit, too, but hey, that's another issue, I guess.

I'm glad my own mother never smoked weed when we were kids. I guess I'm following suit, because I wouldn't dream of smoking pot...there are too many ramifications, all carrying the possibility that my children will be the ones who pay the price in the long run.

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