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underweight 2.5 year old, doc or just hv? advice please

hi guys, my girlys always been a concern on the weight front but has always slowely gained so they just decided to see her every 4 weeks at the hv clinic until she was 18 months and they said she was just going to be a skinny mini and just come back if we were worried, well at her 2 year check she was 24lbs 12oz and 93.5cm tall they said shes very underweight for her height but they said if she is eating we shouldnt worry as she has always gained (slowely) i have just weighed her at home on my new scales and shes only 24lb 4oz so shes lost 8oz in 6months so im a little worried, i go away on friday for a week would it be best for me to take her docs tomorro for a check or i would have to wait till the 18th of sept to see hv as the clinic is every 2 weeks and il miss it wen im away. im a bit worried she could lose more from the stress of being on holiday and it being new foods that she wont eat.

thanks guys x

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Is it possible your scales are a little out to the ones the hv uses? If you are concerned id personally take her Dr rather than wait til you get back, you will only worry and not enjoy your holidays otherwise. Has she been poorly or anything recently? xx

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^^ wss go before you go away then you may be able to enjoy yourself more. Tbh my boys have note lost from 2-2.5 years so I would guess it's the same but as you say best to check xxx

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My 2.5 yr old weighs around the same as yours. He eats well and is healthy and happy so I'm not too worried.
I wouldn't be too concerned about the ounces at this age, they can easily be effected by what time they're weighed, the last meal & drink etc

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I'd guess you're scales are just off from the ones at the clinic. My son is 2.5 and 26lbs, so almost the same weight as your LO and he's perfectly healthy, just another skinny kid. (Take into account boy's generally weight more than girls, that probably makes him lower on the percentile scales)

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Eamon is 2.5 and 23lbs (or 10.5 kg), and isn't very tall either. Some kids are just small

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Megan is 3 in December and she is 26 lbs. She was almost 26 lbs at 2 so she really hasn't gained anything all year. She is about 37". So she is tall and thin but there hasn't been any concern at all from her pediatrician. They had me switch from whole milk even at age 2. Megan is a great eater. She is just thin.

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Same here my almost 3 year old is 28lbs and has been for about 6 months

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yup same here. at 2 my daughter was 24 lbs and 34 inches. Now at 3 1/2 she is 37 inch and 26 lbs. Thats only 2 lbs in one and a half years. i wouldnt worrie the doc said she is doing just fine! but if you are concerned then just call and ask if its worth bringing her in

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My daughter is 20 months and 30 pounds and 40 inches tall,
Pretty close to your daughter! I haven't heard anything about her being underweight.
I wouldn't worry too much, if she is eating fine and being herself!

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