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Oh yuck... FLEAS!

Ok, we have two cats. They are deformed and defleaed every six weeks .

Last night we found a flea and this mornings found a flea.... In two different places of the house! I cannot see any on the cats.

No other cats can get in anymore (we did have a problem of this, so bought a Cat flap that will oly allow our cats in.)

What is the best way to get rid of them? and where the feck did they come from?

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We had fleas when I was pregnant and we don't even have any pets! We had no idea where the hell they came from, we have a nice clean house ! I suddenly found bites all over my legs a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant and I thought it must be like a pregnancy rash! But DH then found fleas in OUR BED !!! I change the sheets regularly and we are not dirty people I was freaked out! Anyway DH did a massive clean, bless him, he wouldn't let me help as I was pregnant and I was the bitten one, insects never bite him only me! He washed all the affected bedding at a very high temp and hoovered every inch of the room, curtains, etc. luckily they hasn't spread around the house just our room. About a week later I had some new bites so he did the big clean again and luckily that was it.

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we had them too and they bit all the kids it was a freaking nightmare. You need to go into a vets and get some of the spray they sell for the house , dont bother with the stuff from supermarkets/pet shops its pants. The stuff from the vets is like 10 a can . Hoover everywhere and empty the hoover straight away outside , hoover all matresses etc change beds and wash as hot as you can and use the spray on soft furnishings rugs carpets etc

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Wss ^

Hope you get rid soon!

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i have this prob it drives me mad we never had any pets at first but when we moved in the previous owner had a dog we had a few so i hoovered and never saw any we then got a cat was fine for a while then all these fleas appered even upstairs he doesnt even go up stairs i have de flead uppstairs and down stairs i dont know how many times and they still come back i have frontlined the cat and only ever found one on him but since i have frontlined him i havent seen as many even if u dont have any pets they can jump on u from outside or if ppl have pets that u know it only takes one flea to come home with u x

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Food grade diatomaceous earth is the best thing and 100% safe. You can buy it online and you simply sprinkle it anywhere you're worried about the flees. You can even dust your cats with it, simply keep it out of their eyes. It's safe for them to eat. It kills flees, tics, mites, etc via a physical process. You can google it if you want to learn more.
I never bother with chemicals of any kind any more and we've never had another bug problem.

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Haha deformed!!

yeah what everyone else has said. deflea, deflea your home, hot wash everything like throws etc, hoover.


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Chocoholic123, it's not about having a clean or dirty house. Fleas live and breed in long grass/under bushes/on wildlife and pets. They're not attracted to dirt .

OP, I agree with Seity. The reason you probably have fleas is the chemicals used for deflea-ing are losing their effectiveness as fleas get resistant. Diatomaceous earth is great. As other PP's have said, vaccuum lots (twice a day if you can, at least once) and always put the bag straight outside in a carrier bag or binbag. Wash any bedding etc on 60+ degrees to kill eggs and fleas. If you can either make the cats indoor cats or make your garden animal-proof so they (and other cats/foxes/hedgehogs) can't get in/out that'll help prevent re-infestation as well as keeping your cats safer from dogs/fights/nutters/disease/cars. Related to the diatomaceous earth, actually, as another natural but apparently very effective method, is nematodes. They're teeny predators of flea larvae and you put them in your garden and they colonise and hunt down the little buggers.

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