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What do you do - taking LO to YOUR Doctor appointment?

I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow and I can't get anyone to look after LO. I wouldn't have a problem with it if it were just a case of sitting there and talking to the doctor, but I have some problems with my woman bit since LO was born and the doctor is going to need to have a look.

My DS is very curious, won't sit still for 2 minutes and gets into everything so I am very nervous that when I am being examined he will be running riot. They don't allow buggies into the consultation room so I cant even strap him down with a toy or snack for a few mins.

I know it's a weird question but what do you do in this situation? I can't reschedule my doc appointment either because I am having bad pains and need it seeing to asap.

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hmm i always take paige in the buggy... I find it a bit strange that they dont allow buggies in the room... What if you had a newborn? Id just take the buggy anyway!

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Does he still fit in an infant car seat? Id be tempted to put him in it with some toys if so.

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ah thats a bummer your not allowed a buggy in their with you sorry i dnt really have much advice my doctors are very kid friendly and their bottom draw is always filled with toys that the kids can play with.
um i know you said no one can look after him is their noone that can come with you and just sit in the waiting room with him?
i wouldnt worry about it too much they cant expect too much if they wont allow a buggy in with you lol i would still take a couple of his toys that he can play with might stop him running about abit

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I'd bring a few toys and if it's a small practice I'm sure the secretary would be willing to entertain him for a minute if all else fails.

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If it were me, going with my Alex, I'd take the buggy regardless of their policy and if anyone told me I couldn't take it into the consultation room, I'd tell them it's either that or the consultation room will be dismantled in a matter of minutes!

Honestly, my boy would be up to all sorts if I had to have a personal examination and he was there, ok still in the room but effectively unsupervised, without being strapped into something!

Surely because you're having an examination they'll relax the policy for you?

I'd have no problems with trying to take a buggy in, but I can be quite bolshy - if you don't want to be like me maybe try taking a booster seat with lots of toys?

Laura x

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I've always taken mine into the consulting room with the buggy. It's not always been easy to get in but we've managed it. I would find it a lot more stressful if i had to have them roaming free.

The doctors do tend to have a tub of toys for the children though. Can you speak to the surgery and explain the situation - they may make an exception as it's going to be very hard for the dr to examine you if your lo is getting into everything.

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Id take the buggy in anyway despite their policy and pack some toys.

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I've had to take Ihsan a couple of times, when he was about your lo's age the receptionist watched him for a few minutes. I took him a few months ago and the doctor had to lock the door because whilst she was taking my blood pressure he quickly opened the door & run off down the corridor! Luckily there was no way for him to get outside as they have a security door to exit that corridor! I let him play with my phone after that for a few minutes.

Good luck!

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Favourite snack?

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