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Jenny Bean
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Since 8 months old because of a double ear infection, my daughter has been co sleeping with me...I cannot get her to sleep in her crib she just screams more and louder as she gets older. She also wakes every 3 hours or earlier for boobie milk...ahhh...I don't know how I am going to break my toddler of these bad habits. She won't even nap in her crib with me but does so fine for my MIL.

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Mum (Mom)
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We tried leaving her door open...nothing. We've tried teddies, no teddies, water, no water, gradual retreat, walk in walk out....all to no avail.

I'm running out of methods to try! We've got the cry it it out method left (I really want to avoid this)

Not sure if you already passed this problem and if so I would appreciate if you share what did it take. I have been going thru the same with my 14 month old for about a week now, only for us it was absolutely no routine change and I cannot figure out what triggers the hysterical screams at nap and bed times now, when I leave the room. Well after trying everything you discribe above and a few completely sleepless nights ( and my son never, not once slept thru without ups getting up to him 2-3 times a nights as is, ) I resorted to cry it out approach. First time it took about 30 minutes ( it was 3 am, and I went for it after about an hour of trying to put him down and having to come back because he cried immediately after I left room !); now 4 days later its about 5-8 minutes of screaming, when he finally gives up and lays down- but if you go and check on him too early- when he is still awake- buckle up, it will start it all over again. So really, even if you think you kid asleep because he has been quiet for few minutes, wait to check on him for for more. - that is my advise base on resent experience dealing with it

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Mum (Mom)
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Why oh why will my DD not sleep through the night She goes down to bed just fine but she wakes up all night so for example last night:

Bed at 7
she woke at 9 crying - shushed her back to sleep
woke at 10.20 crying - shushed her back to sleep
woke at 11 crying hysterically - cuddled her & fed her to calm down back to sleep
woke at 1.30 crying - took her to my bed
she then proceeds to fidget and whinge all night

This is pretty much most evenings although last night was pretty bad - not sure what else to do tbh she is 16 months but it is like still having a newborn (in fact I am sure she was better as a newborn)

Thing is she is just so happy & smiley I cannot be annoyed with her

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Rhea Santiago
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My son is really hard enough to control his tantrums specially when he's tired and sleepy. At the age of 3,he usually shows some tantrums during late noon since its nap time and we usually had a fight because he doesn't want to go to our room. He just simply want to play outside then later on, screams aloud and throw some things on the floor cause he's very tired already but doesn't want to take a nap. I really had a hard time putting him to bed. But if its already night time, he will suddenly lie to bed but cannot sleep if I will not tell him a bedtime story. At least he can sleep comfortably at night. My problem was just during his nap times.

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