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Holidays with a 2yr old?

We are just trying to decide where to go on holiday this year. LO will be nearly 2. We love sunny holidays but not feeling confident there would be enough to entertain LO. Has anyone done a beach hol abroad with a 2 year old? Or experienced kids clubs type thing? I would want him to be with us all or most of the time but the option of fun things for him to do would be great.
Or we may just go somewhere in this country....everyone with kids keeps on telling me how great centreparcs is.
Where will you go with your toddler? X

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We've been to Center Parcs a few times with the kids. It's great as there is loads to do. Downside is it can be pricey.

We were there last week & had a great time despite the cold weather.

We also went camping in Northumberland last september which was fab. We'd never been camping before but bought a huge tent from Go Outdoors for 150 and decided to give it a go. The site cost 120 for Mon - Fri including electricity hook up and supplement for large tent. There was a splash pool, two large play areas & a bar/restaurant. It was great location, near Bamburgh Castle, Holy Island, Alnwick and Farne Islands.

We don't fancy going abroad quite yet with them.

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We've been twice Majorca at 22 months and Spain at 26 months! We normally go to Greece but the 2 hour flight seemed alot more managable.

We made sure they were family friendly hotels and there was plenty to keep her entertained; beach, swimming pool, parks, zoo's, aquariums... But they were great. I would suggest going all inclusive so you don't have to leave the hotel every night with a tired toddler.


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We went to Butlins last year and have booked again for this year.
Not the most relaxing of holidays for us but its a week off work and time to spend with our ds who had a blast.
Relatively cheap, everything included in price and not one day did we have to think about what to do and how much it was going to cost.

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We did Haven at Hafen y Mor (Wales) last year - dd had a blast - the night show for the kids is fantastically naff. She adored it, and as she is generally in bed by 7pm - the fact that the show finished at 7pm was great for us as we went back to the apartment and got the kids in bed and then just chilled out with a book/tv for the evening.
If you book before the end of the month theres a 50% or 30% discount, but they always have deals on

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We went to Ireland when Earl was nearly 2, and again this summer when Earl was nearly 3 and Eddy was 12 weeks.

We had a cottage in Leitrim the first year and it was lovely and quiet, plenty of space to play and while there wasn't a great deal to do, that was fine for us as we're happy to potter about, go for walks, trips on the boat that came with the cottage etc.

Last year we went to stay with FIL who lives in Dublin. Really nice to get away as a family and we did loads. Dublin/Ireland can be quite expensive, but you know you can get everything you can get back home and it's so much more friendly.

This year we're hoping to get a caravan in Cornwall for a week. I'm really looking forward to it - I always loved caravan holidays, as did my hubby and when we were first together/married we went on a couple just on our own. looking forward to our first caravan holiday with the boys. Should be an experience for all. lol (Plus they're cheap as chips too lol).

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we did Costa Brava (Spain) back in 2008 when DD was 2 and a half years old, and DS1 was 8 months old.

I went again to Costa Brava later in 2008 with my mam when DD was almost 3, and DS1 was 1.

we did Salou (Spain) in 2011 when DD was almost 6 (we got back 2 days before her birthday), DS1 was 4, and DS2 was almost 2 (we got back the day before his birthday)

and we did Salou again in 2012 when DD was almost 7, DS1 was 5, and DS2 was almost 3.

I definitely recommend Salou. It's not too long a flight, the beach is lovely for kids - loads of playgrounds all the way along it, and lovely soft sand. My DS2 had a fantastic time both times we went, and as I say he was almost 2, and almost 3 both times we went. He really loved it.

Costa Brava was okay but Salou is better.

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We went to mallorca last year and Charlie loved it - he was never out the water , at the beach or in the pool! Hotel was child friendly and there was a kids club too - we would definitely go abroad again. We've been to caravans loads and are going to centre parcs in May - looks fabulous for kids

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We went to Tunisia in September last year, lo was 2years and 4 months, it was 36-38degrees most days, my lo absolutely loved it, and cried when we left. He also has red hair, which I was worried about, he had a uv suit including hat and swimming vest as well as a swimming nappy on all the day time, and he caught 0 sun. W even had people saying it was nice to see a child properly dressed for the sun, and were quite shocked, when his hair colour was revealed in the evening time.

We've also been to butlins twice, the first time he was just turned 2, the only issue I had there was he kept running into the crowds which worried me, we went back in December, when he was 2years and 7 months, and it was sooooo much more relaxed. Hth

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We went to both butlins and costs del sol first choice holiday village when Evie was 2 and both were fab!!

I've not heard any bad reviews about the 1st choice holiday villages, although some might say to wait until lo is older to get the most from it as the kids clubs don't take them in til age 3, however seeing as though you want lo with you at all times (as did we) there are plenty of parent and toddler and family activities round the pool throughout the day. They're not the cheapest holidays but there is constant entertainment which we felt was really important as Evie is easily bored!

We went to the Bognor Regis butlins, loads to do, loads going on and we tied in peppa pig world for the day whilst down there.

Will def be booking to go to one of the holiday villages again and also butlins in the near future!

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