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Dropping all naps at 20 months? How old was your LO?

When did your LO's stop taking naps?

My DS is almost 20 months old and we're thinking he needs to drop his afternoon nap, unfortunately

I had really been hoping he'd keep napping until he was 3, but for the past almost 3 weeks he's been sleeping really poorly (normally he's a fantastic sleeper!). It takes him an hour or more to settle for a nap, then he'll sleep for 1 - 2 hours, and at night we put him in bed between 7:30 - 8pm and it takes him 1 - 2 hours to go to sleep. Then he wakes up 2 - 4 times before midnight, and sometimes 1 - 2 times early in the morning. Last week I put him down for a nap and he played in bed but didn't sleep for 1.5 hours, so I took him out and when he went to bed that evening (he was fine for most of the day and only a little cranky an hour or so before bedtime) he was asleep in 5 minutes and slept the whole night through.

How did you know your LO was ready to stop napping?

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I knew he was ready pretty much as you described - if he had a nap it would take hours for him to go to bed at night time but he was asleep in 5 mins and sleeping solidly most of the night without a nap.

Tom started dropping his nap around 2.5 - he went down 4 naps a week for ages and then at about 2yr 9 months he was down to 2 naps a week. Since turning 3 the naps are gone - the only time he sleeps in the day now is if we travel in the car after 3pm or if he's ill. Then the sleep buggers up bedtime and he's up for a couple of hours in the night too.

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Maria started dropping her last nap around the same age, although she does still nap on occasion if she's very tired (but not if I try and put her down, she'll only nap if she chooses to do so herself, stubborn child)

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DS was 18 months and exactly how you describe

DD still naps and will need one for a lot longer yet I think (she's 22 months) x

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