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Full-time working Mums - how did you do potty training?

My daughter is in nursery 4 full days a week and looked after by a relative in our home the other day, so I'm really not sure how I go about starting potty training. I'm not planning on starting soon as I don't think she's ready just yet but hopefully it won't be too far off. I really don't have a clue of the logistics of it or how long it may take. I've read a 'toilet training in one week book' but what if it doesn't work? I can't take full weeks off work repeatedly, I don't have the holiday allowance.

Can anyone tell me how they approached it? I'm not that bothered about getting her potty trained in really short space of time but I need to know what im doing at least!

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I waited until Joshua was ready and willing to use the potty and it took 1-2 days.

I just kept asking him if he wanted to use it. He kept saying no but one day, decided he wanted to and that was that.

I didn't need to take any time off work to do it.

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Stalking! I am waiting until later in the hope DS will be quicker being older, if I get a week off over the summer and it isn't too busy I might try then but tbh he's starting to show signs now so I don't think we can put it off much longer, he actually came over to me yesterday in the morning asking for a nappy change and in the afternoon for a potty...we don't even have a potty haha. He watches the other children in nursery use them so I think that has really helped.

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my LO is a long way of this stage but i just wanted to say i work in a nursery and i know we are always more than willing to help and advise parents on potty training so i would ask at nursery. you may find as well that your LO picks it up really well with being at nursery and being around others that are also presumably potty training too.

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I'm just waiting until he's ready and willing. He's almost ready, but he is not willing. Once he is, I'm sure it'll just be a matter of 1 weekend and we'll be done. He just turned 3.

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I waited until Chloe was totally ready and managed in a weekend. I didn't expect that though, I thought it would take a week at least but I was lucky.

Nursery were fab and supported us throughout. I just explained how I was going about it all and they followed on with that. I guess for you, you can explain to whoever looks after your lo the plan and ensure they follow and support the potty training and it all should be fine.


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My LO is in daycare 4 days and home with me three, so what we did was get rid of diapers on Friday and do naked day, then Sat and Sun we just did pants, no underwear even, and on Monday sent her to daycare with just pants. Obviously they knew what we were doing ahead of time. On Monday she still had accidents, on Tuesday she was dry/used potty successfully each time. She was 17 months (I don't believe in this whole "wait till they are ready" thing because I believe they are ready whenever). You could try doing it over vacation perhaps? Would nursery be understanding of accidents on the first few days?

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Start at the weekend and ensure the caregivers during the week follow what you have done at home

If you wait until lo is totally ready, understands what to do, how to do it etc you will probably have very quick success

I potty trained my first at 27 months, second was 3.5 and 3rd was about 30 months. I could count using both hands the amount of accidents we had between the 3 of them

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I waited until I was on maternity leave again! Seriously though. We started at the weekend and to be honest it didn't start well. We then took her nursery in a nappy with a bag full of pants and said to her key worker that if she showed any interest to go with it. She came home in pants and by the end of the week she had pretty much got it! So I suppose nursery did it for us. She was 2 and 8 months if that helps.

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Basically, I didn't. We had a potty and a child seat for the toilet, and I encouraged her to use it and read all the potty-training books I could get hold of with her, but even when she was willing to try, she would sit on the potty until Mummy's bum gave out sitting on the bathroom floor reading to her, with absolutely no success. When she got bigger, we tried putting her in pants, but she invariably wet herself within about twenty minutes, and the distress this caused her was only equalled by the stress to us worrying about the landlord's carpet. Then, one morning, at about the age of three years and two months, she just got up and declared that she was going to nursery in Big Girl Pants today, and that was it: there she was, potty-trained. We've had two or three wet beds in the ten months since then, and the number of daytime accidents she's had is probably still under fingers-of-both-hands.

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