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Dunno if this has been mentioned yet, but when your single-with-no-kids coworker mentions how EXTREMELY BUSY they are, while you complete the same workload as they do while also juggling calls from the school, coordinating extracurricular activities, making a doctor's appointment, and booking a babysitter for Friday so you can actually have a date night with your OH.... all before coffee break.

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ive been sat at work singing the song from M's toy phone all day i wouldnt mind its not discreet it goes
'i make calls on my phone, & take photos all day its a really funny way for me to play, the phoneis ringing, who can it be? its baby Minnie, come & play with me'


the other day i was also sat with a toy phone M got for xmas its 2 years plus.. its a fireman sam one and it will say things like 'we need to organise a search party, press the blue button, or 'who is wearing overalls' and you need to press the correct button, well i think i was sat for 10 mins struggling to do it, ive never seen fireman sam so i have no idea who the people are, when its asking to press 'penny' i was asking my OH who 'penny' is, i think he thought i was losing it

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