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Old Aug 30th, 2013, 08:53 AM   31
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Last night Abby picked up OHs cell phone put it to her ear...

LO- O (Hello for some reason is just O) yeah, Lola, Kiki, (gibberish goes here)
OH- Who are you talking to?
ME- Is it your boyfriend?
LO- YEAH mommy (kisses phone)!
OH- Abigail NO boys!
LO- BYE (and throws phone down and gives the look she does when she knows she did something wrong)

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Old Aug 30th, 2013, 15:09 PM   32
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Haha. Lily keeps picking up the phone to say hello.

The funny thing she's doing at the moment is everytime I say "mummy" she says hi.


Me: Lily say mummy.
Lily: Hiiiii

Me: Give that to mummy.
Lily: hiiiiiii

Me: Where's mummy?
Lily: Hiiiiiii

OH: Say daddy.
Lily: duda (how she's saying daddy now)
Oh: Say mummy
Lily: Hiiiii

I don't know why. My friend told me something funny her little girl is doing at the moment (she's 4 months older than Lily)

Friend: Hi Autumn
Autumn: Hi Daddy
Friend: I'm not daddy
Autumn: Hi gorgeous.

My friend is like that's more like it haha

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Old Sep 4th, 2013, 13:19 PM   33
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I can't wait til my LO says funny things!

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Old Sep 4th, 2013, 13:51 PM   34
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My LO keeps running around the house pretending to sneeze but his "AHH CHOO" sounds more like "ohhh sh*t" so now we have a cussing LO already haha

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Old Sep 4th, 2013, 14:07 PM   35
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It's going to be a little while before I can post any of my own on here. But this one was from my niece to my sister. I had invited them to my baby shower and my sister was trying to explain what relation the baby will be to my niece, and what relation I am to my sister. For reference, my sister is 15 years older than me.

Sister - the baby will be your cousin, auntie Georgie is my sister
Niece - but she can't be your sister
Sister - why not?
Niece - because she's like a teenager and you're old.
Sister - thanks!!

I'm 23, nice to know she thinks I'm so young still!! Lol.

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Old Sep 4th, 2013, 14:11 PM   36
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William seen this on my pillow. This means I cant take my pillow up a mountain. Makes perfect sense.

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Old Sep 4th, 2013, 14:16 PM   37
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Dragonfly I almost spat my drink everywhere laughing that's brilliant!

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Old Sep 4th, 2013, 14:21 PM   38
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Jaiden likes to count! walking in a car park he starts counting cars!

one car - but it sounds like hes saying w*nker lol

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Old Sep 4th, 2013, 18:18 PM   39
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Jason's got some horrible gas today.

Robert (to Jason, after he farted)- "You f*ckin' stink."
Me - "Jason did you poop?"
Jason - "No I fugin stink"

so much lols. Don't judge me. He knooows not to say that word, he just did because dad did

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Old Sep 6th, 2013, 16:59 PM   40
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Reading "sniffles for bear" this morning with Abby. Bear is so poorly he starts to make a Will. Abby wants to know what it is and the following conversation follows;

Me: A will is a list of things that you own, and you say who you want to give it all to when you go to live with the Angels.
Abby: Have you made a list?
Me: Yes, Daddy and I made a list after you were born and we've said that everything we have, everything in the house, will be yours.
Abby: (looks amazed then looks concerned) But what about all the sharp things, because I'm not allowed to touch those.
Me: Ahh well, if you are too little to have the sharp things...and the money...then we've said that another grown up will look after it until you are old enough.
Abby: So I can't just buy things? I'd want to buy a new dress (looks pensive) Who will the grown up be?
Me: Auntie Carol
Abby: Oh well that's ok, Auntie Carol would buy me anything I wanted.

I'm sure I saw a look in her eye that was wondering if we could bugger off and leave her and Auntie Carol to spend all our money!

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