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Sarah lo
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suddenly having trouble with bedtime

Olivia used to go to bed fine on a night, I'd take her up, put her down and she'd chatter away happily till she fell asleep. But for about the past 3 weeks its become impossible to put her down awake without her screaming the house down till we bring her back downstairs. We then have to keep her downstairs until either she's super tired and eventually agrees to go to bed or wait till she falls asleep downstairs and carry her up to bed asleep.

Does anyone have any idea what's causing this or any suggestions what I can try to help her go down happy again? Its getting later and later every night till she finally falls asleep, we used to put her down 7:30 every night. Now its sometimes going on 9:00 when she falls asleep.

She has a pretty good bedtime routine, bath, bottle while watching cartoons, cuddle then bed.

A couple of things i wonder if it might be: it started when i stopped putting her in a sleeping bag (because of the heat). But I'm trying to get her out of using a sleeping bag because she's in the biggest size I can find and nearly outgrown it.
Could she be scared of something in her room? The way she behaves is like she's afraid.
She's also just started climbing out of the cot yesterday, do i need to remove the sides now? Could that be the cause?

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Always fun times trying to crack the code! lol. Seriously though-- my LO hit a horrible bedtime routine at 18 mos- even though the 6mos prior, we had the same routine, and 99% of the time she'd happily play in her crib till she passed out-- one thing I'd suggest trying, cause it worked for us, was cutting out TV time before bed. We dont' allow TV about 2-3hrs before bed now- I swear that first night (after 3 mos of struggle!)- she passed out in 15mins and just a smidge of whining when put in her crib... it's been just fine since. Back to how it was before that "regression"- which, I chalked up to 2yr molars coming in, and a growth and/or development phase- even though the 30mins of TV time didn't seem an issue for the 2mos prior- for whatever reason, it just wound her little brain up too much from 18mos.

I can't say that is the same issue for your LO- but might be worth a try? I think it did take a full week or so to get back to normal- no crying. That first week when I'd put her in her crib she's scream at me- then sit and play. LOL. Once I left the room she was fine- I think she was just telling me she didn't like it. haha.

Also- if your LO is climbing out of the crib- prob time to concert to toddler bed? Maybe try some other things first- but if she might get hurt climbing out, then the rails should come down. Best of luck!

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