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14 month old refusing to nap

Argh I feel like I'm going through a really rough time with my son at the moment, not helped by the mood swings and tiredness that comes with being over 8 months pregnant!

So he's a little monkey at the moment anyway which I posted about the other day. He's really testing my boundaries. That's fine, I can cope with that but now he's refusing to nap so there's just no break! This has been going on since Thursday. Before this, he would have a good 2.5/3 hour nap in the afternoon!

I think he may be teething so could this be why? He's also going through a phase of crying again every lunchtime when it comes to feeding him! He opens his mouth wide for the food but starts crying when he eats it but he does seem to be enjoying the food (if that makes sense). He just cries when the initial mouthful goes in. This has also made me wonder about teething. And he seems to have gone off his milk - which he used to LOVE. Whenever I'd take him upstairs for a nap, I'd get his milk ready and he'd get so excited. Now he drinks a mouthful and then throws the bottle out of his cot!

What do you do if your LO refuses a nap? At the moment, he's upstairs playing in his cot. He's been awake since 9am (he had a lay in this morning which I'm assuming is because he didn't nap yesterday).

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Ciara went through a phase of this at exactly the same age. She didn't refuse to nap every day but probably 2 or 3 days a week she just wouldn't have one. Then she'd conk out exhausted an hour or two before normal bedtime. Her night sleep was never affected, still slept through fine. She also wouldn't eat much but thankfully always had her milk as usual. I really thought she was dropping napping that young! It lasted a month or two on and off and her napping is now back to normal and eating is better.

I do think it was teething related with Ciara. She cut 6 teeth (4 of them molars) within about 6 weeks just after the napping issue.

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