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Is it possible to stop breastfeeding whilst co sleeping?

I would like to stop feeding now but lo shows no sign of even considering this. He sleeps in our bed and just latches on whenever he wants although thts only once or twice a night now and only for comfort. Has anyone successfully stopped feeding whilst cosleeping?

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I full time co slept with my first and he was bottle fed after a week of bf.
With my second he was 8 months and we stopped while still part time co sleeping, he was also still in my room. I did replace his night feeds with a bottle tho.
I'd reduce the times u allow him to feed, replacing it with a drink of water or just a cuddle and I'm sure it will work

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I cosleep (although currently trying to get DD to transition into a cot). I just replaced the night feed with a bottle of milk instead and to be honest she took it a lot better than I thought she would! Better than Mummy actually, I don't enjoy getting up in the night to get bottles from the fridge x

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Yes, we co-sleep and I stopped BF'ing when I found out I was expecting again as like your LO he showed no signs of wanting to stop and just done it for comfort.

I just put on a tshirt and when he woke up for it and asked for it, I explained that he is a big boy now who does not need the boobie any more. We also got him to choose a special cup to have his milk in, which he could have at night instead. It took a good few nights for him to adjust, but he is fine now although I still sleep with a tshirt on.

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I still co sleep and stopped breastfeeding in the night when my son was 18 months. I took a cup of water to bed with us and when he woke up offered him some of that. He kept tugging at my top the first night, but I said "all gone" and offered him water. After a few days he didnt tug at my top anymore when he woke up, he pointed over to the cup of water instead. He sleeps through now though and its very rare he'll wake up for a drink. xxx

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Yes but my son was 3years &3months old when he decided he didn't need any more bm and a cuddle was good enough lol! I don't think he would have stopped before then regardless of our sleeping arrangement unless I had refused him and I didn't want to go down that route. I was beginning to wonder if he would ever stop on his own mind you, I didn't plan to bf for so long it just turned out that way.

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Yes, my son was 20 mths, and I wore a bra to bed. I didnt give a bottle.

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