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When my son thumps me I will grab his hand gently but firm and say "Jacob, mummy likes nice touches" I then stroke his arm and say ahhhhhhhh.

He started hitting at 12 months and it's gradually stopped (17 months now), and if I'm laying on the sofa he'll sit next to me stroke my hair.


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Harley has just began to hit out in frustration too. He usually hits out when he wants something he isnt allowed. We tell him that its not nice to hit and it hurts mummy/daddy. He then go's into full temper tantrum mode so we just let him lie on the floor in a safe part of the room and just let him get on with it. Glad im not the only one going through this!

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Originally Posted by peanutty81 View Post

This book worked wonders for us for redirecting our little ones behaviour. A good bit of redirection - we sat down and went through the book then the next time dd went to hit we stopped her and asked what are hands for and went through the options - waving, clapping, hugging.... She was only about 15 months when we got it worked instantly. Every now and then we've revisited it.

Good luck
I want to add this technique is brilliant, I started doing this with my daughter yesterday and haven't been hit or bit in 2 days because when she goes to try I'm redirecting her and telling her what her hands or mouth is for I'm going to order this book so I can read properly into it I chose this route over the walking away because my daughter doesn't seem to care if I walk away she just toddles on and does something else lol

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My little girl hits my face when she gets frustrated (and sometimes just for a laugh!) I loudly say ''OUCH! We don't hit eachother, it hurts!''

Tbh, I haven't noticed an improvement but I think it's just a phase that most of them go through. I try not to walk away from her when she's feeling full of emotions that she doesn't yet know how to control. When she gets angry, frustrated etc I just talk to her and distract her.

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Originally Posted by MiniKiwi View Post
I try not to walk away from her when she's feeling full of emotions that she doesn't yet know how to control. When she gets angry, frustrated etc I just talk to her and distract her.
T agree not to do this as the first resort but I do it if LO is continuing to hit me and laughing while doing it (so she's not overwhelmingly frustrated just pushing her luck) even after being asked/told to stop.

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Some great ideas in this thread.

LO started hitting when he was about 15 months and is now 27 months. I managed to get him to stop for long periods by putting him in his cot or his high chair. Now I do the walking away thing and have shouted a few times and held his wrists in place when I've lost it. None of that is good, nor does it work. We've been inconsistent.

The problem is DH refuses to be consistent with LO too and even wrestles with him sometimes if he gets hit, which sends out the wrong message.

I think we'll start the "hands are for other things" method. That sounds really positive! I'll have to get DH on board too.

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I wish I had some helpful advice as my son is still going through this phase and I'm at my wits end with him. A few months ago he was hitting his friends at day care. We tried everything to get him to stop. I even bought the book "Hands are not for hitting" which someone else posted. And we began to reward him for behaving. And for a while it seemed to work. He was doing really well at daycare and we didn't get any bad behavior reports. Then this week things started to go down hill. He got in trouble for scratching a little girls face at day care on Tuesday and my husband got a call from the teacher at work. I was hoping it was a one time relapse but then today it was even worse. He got in trouble numerous times today for not listening to his teachers, and hitting and scratching other kids. So it looks like we are back to square one. We are going to try to reiterate what we worked with him before and see if it sticks this time. I will be stalking this thread to see if anyone else shares other ideas. I'm just so terrified that they will kick my son out of day care and I don't know what we'll do then. He's such a sweet boy normally so I just don't understand where this behavior is coming from. I really hope it's just a phase he grows out of. Good Luck to you all!

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Stalking this thread... my 21 month old twins are starting to fight constantly, hitting, pushing each other and now the less dominate twin is starting to bite in self-defense. I'm wondering if I should start taking which ever twin didn't start the fight from the room and leave the other all by herself...

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