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Just Desserts! *

Last week DD was adamant she didn't want to eat her dinner, to which I made clear that no dinner, meant no pudding.

So after I'd eaten all my dinner (because I'm a good girl) I proceeded to get myself some pudding.

DD: Mummy is that pudding on your plate
Me: Yep
DD: Well I want some pudding
Me: You should have eaten your dinner then
DD: So if you eat dinner you get pudding
Me: That's it exactly
DD: So you ate all your dinner?
Me: Yep
DD: And now you're having pudding?
Me: Yep
DD: Well you're a pig then *smug face*

Secretly thinking she may have a point!

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That is brilliant. You have one clever girl on your hands. Amazing what kids say.

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thats what my daughter says. xx

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