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We moved about 10 months ago iam only 2 hours from family but I still feel really alone, like you my husband works long hours, I'm a sahm so completely alone just me and the kids I have no friends. I attend toddler group twice a week but it's still not enough I often cry amd wish I could go home. This area we are living in is a lot nicer than where we come from and I know deep down it's a better life here of my kids and I think thats all that's stopped me moving back home.

I really miss family but try to visit twice a month. It's very lonely just me and the kids and it's made worse that hubby has friends from Work and has a social life, we can't even go out as a couple as family are too far away to babysit for us.
I know how u feel, depending on your working hours could u try and go to toddler groups to try and meet friends. I know the days I attend one I feel a lot happier just talking to others helps.

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Originally Posted by Boozlebub View Post
Oh yeah and sometimes I miss England more than I would ever admit to anyone. My family, friends and going to the football but I couldn't bring my son up there and that ultimately makes the decision for me.
I miss England so much sometimes too. Especially the pub culture, its so different here. And prawn cocktail crisps!

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