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Advice on how to handle 2 year olds behaviour

My ds has always been demanding however we have just been on holiday and his behaviour has gotten worse and more or less spoiled our holiday.

Everything was a battle, which resulted in him being hysterical!

He would kick off if hubby touched the pram, he would order his food then demand his sisters and scream the place down, he would get in the pool get out take his shorts off then want them back on but cry because they was wet, he would ask for an ice cream then say he didnt like it and want something else.

He would kick off as wanted to sit in sisters car seat the list goes on and it happened throughout the day it was exhausting!

How do you deal with this just say no, explain why then ignore the paddy??

My dd is 4 and loves her barbies and he want to play with her however she wants to play alone with them and he kicks and screams at her door and no matter what I do to distract him he won't let up. If I manage to persuade my dd to let him play he throws them and kicks them and annoys her even if I sit with them and show him how to play!

I have tried sticker charts however he kicks off if you put a sticker on him and just doesn't understand the sticker on a chart. He is speech is excellent however there is no compromise with him.

It's very hard to get a break as my parents find him difficult and if I'm honest at the moment he isn't fun to be around!!

Any advice welcomed- we need to book a holiday for next year however can't face taking him away again however not fair on my dd to miss out

I am in need of help xx

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I'm sorry I don't have any words of wisdom for you...I'm hoping to get an idea of how to deal with my son too.

He's acting very similar, however it seems to be mainly with me and not others.


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I'd go with exactly as you suggested. Just say no, explain why and ignore the paddy. I think children need to learn when no means no and giving in in the face of a paddy might encourage the behaviour because he knows it works.
With the throwing his sister's toys I would use thinking time. I would give my boys a warning that the behaviour is not acceptable and if they do it again they get 1 minute for each year old they are of time away from the situation (usually in the hall way) to think about what they did and then I would come back, explain again why they were having thinking time, and ask for an apology.

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